11-year-old on period forced to bleed through clothes twice after teachers don’t let her use the toilet

After being denied permission to use the restroom, an 11-year-old girl from Bristol, United Kingdom, was forced to bleed through her clothing at school while on her period.

According to accounts, the girl, a student at Cotham School, asked to leave the classroom to use the restroom several times but was denied.

She was humiliated due to bleeding through her clothes not once but twice, and she is now afraid to attend school when on her period.


The girl’s mother is understandably dissatisfied with the school’s handling of the problem, and she questions if young girls at school are receiving appropriate care for their basic health needs.

The mother, who requested anonymity to safeguard her daughter’s identity, told Bristol Live: “They shouldn’t be making little girls feel bad because she needs to go to the bathroom and take care of her fundamental requirements.” She’s afraid to go to school now because she’s worried they won’t let her leave; this isn’t what we should be teaching girls.


“Whether they are on or off their period, we should allow them to go as part of providing them with the tools they need to achieve their goals.”

The girl declined to go to school the next time she was on her period after the initial event, in September of last year (2018). Because she was new to the school, the hardship of the situation was amplified, presenting the kid with a challenge she should never have had to deal with.

Fortunately, she was wearing a long enough sweater to hide the stain, but her dissatisfaction with having to sit in the same clothing for the rest of the day should not be underestimated.


“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. When I complained to the school, they claimed it would be OK and not happen again. “They felt sad for what had happened, but they didn’t tell me how they planned to prevent it from happening again,” her mother stated.

“Then she came on again in October, and she was terrified of going to school.” When I called to explain I was keeping her off school, the attendance lady told me I couldn’t do so. I understood, but she was terrified that it might happen again. I was assured that the teachers would be informed and that I should contact her if there were any problems.”

It was, however, to happen again. This time, a male teacher turned down her restroom request. If she didn’t stop asking, he threatened to expel her from his class.

“It shouldn’t have progressed to the point where she had to bleed through her clothes twice in a few months. Her mother believes schools should find ways to assist children rather than traumatise them.

“The school does have a policy not to allow children out of lessons for the bathroom as part of our Safeguarding protocols,” a school representative said. Students should not be allowed to leave the classroom without supervision.

“However, as staff, we are all acutely aware that we have young girls in our care and that they may need to use the restroom outside of regular break times on occasion.”

I’m not sure what kind of instructor would refuse a youngster on her period twice!

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