51-year-old According to a French author, women above 50 are too old to be loved.

In an interview, Yann Moix told Marie-Claire magazine’s French version that women in their 50s are “too, too old” for love. When he interviewed, the prominent novelist and television host was 50 years old and remarked that ladies his age was “invisible” to him.

“Simply put, I love the physique of younger ladies. It is all. A lady’s body getting 25 years old looks amazing “According to ‘Guardian,’ he stated. “A 50-year-old woman’s figure is nothing special.”

Yann Moix has stated that he prefers dating Asian women, particularly Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese. “It’s possibly sad and reductive for the ladies I go out with,” he explained, “but the Asian type is enough rich, big, and infinite for me not to be ashamed.”

According to the Daily Mail, he managed to make matters worse when he gave another interview with The Times and offered no apologies for his comments.

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He said, “Sharing more caustic thoughts that might make you feel queasy,” “White western ladies exhaust me and wear me down. They make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. They are unbearable to me.”

He went on to declare, “I am not criticizing their exterior intellectual and professional legitimacy, nor that of being a mother.” “I’m saying they don’t bring me anything in the closeness of a relationship.” I’d given up going out with them for a long time.”

“I don’t regard this as a source of pride, but rather as a curse.” It’s not because of me. We are not in charge of our preferences, inclinations, or tastes. Yann Moix stated, “I’m not here to lecture you on this.”

“Everyone is a prisoner of their preferences. “I’m a prisoner of my,” he declared.

The unfortunate individual.

Some women in their 50s stated they didn’t mind missing out on being wooed by a “sexist” after reading what the author had to say.

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