8-year-old collapses into her teacher’s arms after complaining of headache and dies of a sudden stroke

Before her death, she had never complained of headaches and was judged to be in excellent condition.

We seek explanations for everything that occurs to us and in our environment. However, other events, such as the death of this young girl from Brailov in central Ukraine, are simply unexplainable.

Elmira Bondarenko, an otherwise healthy 8-year-old, died of a stroke after losing consciousness and collapsing into her teacher’s arms.

Her father, Sergey Kupchishin, dropped her off at school a few hours before the event. The girl began to feel ill during recess, according to The Sun. According to her teachers, she complained of a severe headache minutes before collapsing.

Olena Ivasenko, the school’s principal, stated, “When the girl got a severe headache, she stepped out of the classroom and complained about it. The infant began to lose consciousness minutes later, and her teacher caught her in her arms.”

The teachers summoned an ambulance while the school nurse administered CPR to the student.

The father, understandably, was devastated. “She was good and joyful on our way to school that morning,” he stated, recalling his last moments with his kid. “Then, a few hours later, her teacher called and said she had been unwell,” he continued. He raced to the hospital as soon as he learned.

“I dashed to school and discovered my kid lifeless on a table, with paramedics attempting to revive her,” Sergey explained. “I dashed over to her. I tried to assist.”

For two hours, hospital doctors urgently tried to restart her heart. CPR was performed, a defibrillator was utilised, and the girl was given an adrenaline injection, but it was all in vain.

The girl’s family is taken aback. They claimed she had never experienced a headache before. Elmira’s family doctor acknowledged that she had a yearly physical and had never complained about her health. According to postmortem examinations, the girl died of a stroke caused by a blood clot in the brain. On October 19, 2020, a few days after her burial, Elmira’s sad father received his daughter’s possessions from the school.

Olena Bondarenko, a spokeswoman for the local health authority, said: “The girl had cerebral venous thrombosis, but doctors failed to recognise it in time. An ischemic stroke could be caused by a viral infection, stress, or physical activity in this circumstance.”

Elmira’s severe headache was a sign that she had suffered a stroke. According to Cleveland Clinic, other symptoms include double vision, loss of balance, difficulty speaking or comprehending people, seizures on one side of the body, dizziness, vomiting, and tiredness. All of these symptoms are similar to those of more frequent illnesses. So, the best course of action is to take your child to the hospital right away and have them examined by a doctor.

The way Elmira’s teachers responded, on the other hand, was the most prudent. If you suspect your child or someone else is experiencing a stroke, call 911 immediately.

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