8-year-old tortured to death: Days later, police find diary revealing the harrowing truth

This is the story of a girl with a huge heart and a desire to enjoy life to the fullest. Everyone should read this story. Despite how much I wish it weren’t, the level of Gizzell Ford is tragically accurate.

Of course, remember that this isn’t just about Gizzell; it’s about the thousands of children who are forced to live through the same nightmare every day.

Things did not turn out well for Gizzell, but I write hoping that her story would serve as a wake-up call so that no other children are subjected to such abuse.

Gizzell Ford, eight years old, was a joyful, curious, and intelligent child like many others. She adored going to school and making new acquaintances.

She kept a diary, as did many other kids her age. However, the rows in her diary were devoid of love hearts and hidden messages about boys she liked. Instead, the truth revealed in Gizzell’s diary is so heinous that it’s challenging to bear reading it.

Gizzell Ford
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Gizzell, or “Gizzy,” as she was known among her friends, was discovered dead in her grandmother’s filthy, pest-infested apartment in Austin, Texas, on July 12, 2013.

She’d been thrashed and strangled. According to the Chicago Tribune, she had ligature scars on her wrists and a wound on her back that was so infected that it had maggots.

Gizzell and two siblings had just moved in with her father Andre and grandmother Helen a few months before she died. Andre had a chronic illness that required regular care and was unable to care for himself.

Helen looked after the family, and from the outside, it appeared to be any other house. Gizzy’s diary pages, on the other hand, proved otherwise.

Helen Ford
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Gizzell’s agony

Gizzell was disciplined every day for misbehaving. If she made a sound, she was forced to do squats, stand in awkward postures, and have a dirty sock put into her mouth. She was also physically abused, tortured, and frequently deprived of food and water.

She was beaten head to toe if she tried to drink water from the toilet.

She was sometimes chained to her bed and not permitted to move for days.

Despite her ordeal, Gizzy maintained her excellent attitude. Her diary revealed that she was aware that she would be punished for ‘acting up,’ but hoped to grow into a bright and attractive young woman.

She also mentioned fantasising about playing with her siblings and watching television. The notebook was frequently updated a few days later when she described how she had been assaulted once more.

Gizzell Ford
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Gizzell’s life is coming to an end.

Unfortunately, by the end of Gizzell’s life, her journal entries had devolved into scribbles. Her demise was swift and definite, as she was deprived of sustenance, subjected to relentless abuse from her grandma, and grew weaker by the second. She is alleged to have written just days before her death, “I loathe this life because now I’m in really enormous danger.”

When Gizzell’s body was discovered, it was in such bad shape that jurors began to cry as they heard the case’s specifics. The diary revealed a bright young girl who enjoyed school and skipped classes. It also detailed the abuse she had experienced throughout her childhood.

While awaiting trial for his role in her killing, Gizzell’s father died of a heart attack in Cook County Jail. Helen’s grandmother was eventually convicted of murder and sentenced to prison.

According to reports on Gizzy’s situation, something could have been done to prevent her death. However, the problem appeared to slip between the gaps. A social worker had visited the home just a month before Gizzelle died but had taken no action.

Gizzell Ford
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