81YO Famous Actor Al Pacino Falls In Love With 28 YO Girl

Noor Alfallah, a TV producer who is 28 years old, has captured Al Pacino’s heart. Despite their fifty-three-year age difference, none of them seems to be affected by it.

In this photo, Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah are dining in Venice Beach, California.

Noor, who had a prior connection with the 78-year-old rockstar Mick Jagger, won the heart of Al Pacino.

Noor confirmed that Clint Eastwood is only an acquaintance, despite the media’s first assumption to the contrary.

According to Jagger, they opted to keep their relationship secret for a while after meeting at a party.

Al Pacino had a relationship with Lucila Sola, who was 45 years old before he started dating Meital Dohan.

The actor has two children with actress Jan Tarrant and three from a relationship with Beverly D’Angelo.

What do you think of dating someone 53 years older than you?

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