9 Year Old Hears God Telling Her To Look In Bushes, Finds Abandoned Baby

The placenta and the umbilical cord were linked to an infant abandoned in a garden.

The tiny boy was exposed to the sun, and he could have quickly died if a 9-year-old girl hadn’t discovered him.

Elysa was outside playing when she heard noises and wanted to investigate. She screamed when she saw a small pink thing.

She ran home and informed her mother. Heidi went to investigate and discovered a tiny baby boy. I could tell it was still alive.

She hurried the baby to the hospital, where he was thankfully found to be healthy. His guardian angel was Elysa.

“I didn’t do it; God told me,” the small girl adds. I didn’t go over there because of my brain.

The baby was given a chance to live. We hope he’s doing well now!

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