A 55-year-old British woman gives birth to triplets.

At 55, Britain’s oldest triplet mother gave birth to three healthy children.

On March 21, Sharon Cutts and her boyfriend Stuart Reynolds, 40, welcomed their boys Mason and Ryan and their daughter Lily into their family.

Ms. Cutts, who has four grown children from a previous relationship, said it makes no difference to her that the newborns are younger than her grandchildren.

She told The Sun, “It means they have a lot of playmates.”

Because the NHS only performs IVF up to 42, the couple sought treatment at a private facility before flying to Cyprus for the operation.

Ms. Cutts explained: “Because the doctor implanted four embryos in me for a better chance of conceiving, I knew there was a risk of multiple births.

55-year-old Woman From UK Gives Birth to Triplets

“We were told there were three heartbeats throughout the exam. Stuart was taken aback, and I burst out laughing.

“The first thing that sprang to me was, ‘Oh my God, how am I going to cope?'” says the author.

Mr. Reynolds stated, ” “I was ecstatic, then bricked it. I wouldn’t change anything now that they’re here.”

The couple, a nurse and a factory worker from Boston, Lincolnshire, took out £15,000 in loans to finance their medical expenditures.

The pregnancy proved problematic, and doctors recommended that one of the babies be aborted due to pregnancy risks at that age.

After an 11-week stay at Nottingham University Hospital, Ms. Cutts declined, and the triplets were born by Caesarean section. They weighed between 4 and 5 pounds each.

55-year-old Woman From UK Gives Birth to Triplets

She also said that she treated herself to Botox treatments and new hair extensions in the hospital before going into labor.

“I only injected a tiny bit,” she told The Sun, “since you shouldn’t do it while you’re pregnant.”

“I snuck out to change my hair extensions as well. It was crucial for me to look my best for the birth of the infants.”

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