A fast-food hamburger-eating woman bites into a rotting human finger.

This fast-food establishment gave her the middle finger. Here’s the video link


After biting into a burger and munching on a decomposing human finger, a Bolivian woman will likely never look at “finger food” the same way again. According to Newsflash, a video of the unpleasant discovery is presently circulating online.

“At the moment of eating, I chewed on a FINGER,” Estefany Benitez wrote on Facebook, revealing her alleged unintentional cannibalism on Sunday at the Hot Burger restaurant in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The shocked diner stated that she nibbled on the amputated digit on her first mouthful of the meal.

A pallid, rotting fingertip appears on the plate next to the burger in accompanying photographs, suggesting nightmares right out of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Benitez can be heard sarcastically stating in an accompanying POV video, which has over 60,000 views, “Here we are at the amazing Hot Burger where a finger wound up in my burger.”


The shocked fast-food customer also filmed herself reporting the nasty garnish to a restaurant representative, who apologized and offered to make things right.

The bemused representative pleaded, “Please tell me what you want and we will provide it to you,” adding that the burgers arrive at the restaurant already made and that “nothing like this has ever occurred to us before.”

Regrettably, her restitution wasn’t precisely adequate: While the representative promised to close the burger restaurant while Benitez was still there, she claims they continued to “serve customers as if nothing had happened.”


According to local authorities, after the customer’s post went viral, a company spokeswoman described the Dahmer-like discovery as an “unfortunate event,” explaining that an employee had lost part of his pointer finger while processing the meat.


The Bolivian vice-minister for the defense of user and consumer rights decided to temporarily close the burger branch and punish the fast-food company in light of the gruesome incident. However, it is unknown whether Benitez will file a lawsuit.
This isn’t the first time someone has found a human body part in their cuisine. In another bizarre event in 2019, a British couple claimed to have discovered a tooth in their Chinese takeaway.

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