A man is receiving an 1800-year sentence for fatally shooting his stepfather for assaulting his younger sister.

Christopher Bennett’s family has been pushing for his release, seeing him as a hero and saviour.

Christopher Bennett was at his stepfather’s house in 2003 when he decided that would alter the direction of his life for the rest of his life. Bennett, who was 18, was in the other room when he heard his younger sister weeping. He found his stepfather, Vincent McDorman, on top of his then 6-year-old half-sister Cassandra “Cassie” McDorman when he broke into it. He was sexually harassing her.

Blinded by wrath, Christopher pointed a gun toward Vincent’s head and fatally shot him. “He didn’t go there to shoot McDorman; he got there because his baby sister was crying. And he did something that I believe 99.9% of us would do. “Janet Lee, the man’s Legal Advocate, outlined what had been done.

Christopher had two choices at the time. “He had the option of facing the death penalty or accepting a plea bargain of 1,800 years in prison. As a result, he took a plea bargain of 1,800 years in jail. “According to WHSV, his half-sister Victoria McDorman recalled him. The young adolescent agreed to a plea deal and was later charged with three life sentences totalling 600 years to avoid the death penalty.

Source: Change.org

His family, particularly his sister, sees him as a hero for saving them from their monster father, who had been torturing them since they were three years old. “When I was a youngster, the monster under my bed was my father,” Cassie explained. “When my dad wanted you to remain in his room that night, you would go gather fireflies with him beforehand, and that’s how you knew it was your time,” Cassie said on Dr Phil alongside Victoria and their mother, Elizabeth “Libby” Ailstock.

Christopher has claimed for years that he arrived at his home on July 25, 2003, to pick up a cheque that Vincent had offered him in exchange for his testimony against his mother in an upcoming custody hearing. But he couldn’t help himself when he overheard his younger sister asked her father to stop caressing her. Before fleeing, he stole his chequebook and was charged with homicide, robbery, and breaking.

“It was determined so quickly that we weren’t being abused or molested and that his reasoning wasn’t correct, but they never spoke to us about it,” said Victoria, who has been rallying with her family and other supporters to free her brother Christopher, who has been imprisoned for the past 19 years. “He dedicated his life so that we could have this because there was no way we would have survived otherwise,” she continued.

“He was wrong, but he’s served more than enough time for it,” Victoria continued. “He was just a child, he was 18, and he was only trying to defend his family like we’ve all been trained to do.” In the meantime, Cassie observed, “He’s my best friend and my hero. I miss him, and my children are aware of his existence. He rescued us, and now it’s our turn to rescue him. We’ll keep going, and we’ll see Chris free.”

On Change.org, a petition to release Christopher has already collected over 1,58,491 signatures, with a goal of 2,000 signatures.

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