A Mother’s Love is forever

As a Mama, I’m not perfect.
I make mistakes. I forget things.
I lose my cool. And some days
I go a little crazy. But, it’s okay
because in the end, no one
could ever love my child
the way I do.

“My mother’s love has
always been a sustaining
force for our family, and
one of my greatest joys is
seeing her integrity, her
compassion, her intelligence
reflected in my daughters.”
-Michelle Obama

“Mothers hold
their children’s
hands for a short
while, but their
hearts forever.”

Motherhood is the
biggest gamble in the
world. It is the glorious
life force. It’s huge and
scary — it’s an act of
infinite optimism.
-Gilda Radner

When you look
into your mother’s
eyes, you know that
is the purest love
you can find.
-Mitch Albom​​

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