A quick-witted daughter pretends to order pizza while dialing 911 to save her mother.

The sender knew something wasn’t right at this moment. A police car was then sent to the address Tiffany had given.

Tiffany Urban, a young woman from Oregon, saw something no child should ever see. Her very violent lover mistreated her mother.

Tiffany felt she had to act fast if she wanted to prevent something awful from happening since she was scared for her mother’s life. She then came up with a brilliant concept and hoped it would work. She picked up the phone and pretended to be placing a pizza order while dialing 911.

The dispatcher informed her that she had dialed the incorrect number and asked, “You phoned 911 to buy a pizza?

Not at all. You’re not getting it,” the young woman retorted. She continued by providing her address and phone number.

The dispatcher realized something was awry at this point. He sent officers to Tiffany’s address since he was trained to recognize when something dangerous was happening.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend had previously brutally battered her mother. He repeatedly pounded her and had no intention of stopping. However, things might have turned disastrous if Tiffany hadn’t acted quickly.

The abusive partner was taken into custody by the police.

The good news was that, unlike most dispatchers, this one had undergone specialized training to handle such emergency calls. The majority of them receive no training at all.

We hope the state will think about modifying its position and begin providing the critical training for 911 dispatchers.

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