A salute to the soldiers

A salute to the soldiers
Many people don’t believe in the existence of superheroes.
Some people think they are all animations, and characters for fun.
They have lived amongst us for so long, and we can’t figure them out, because we don’t recognize them as superheroes.
Soldiers among us are superheroes. Some people will say that’s their career and they get paid for it, but have you checked how many people pick interest in it and do it wholeheartedly.
Being a soldier is like sacrificing yourself to the state; they belong to the state and whatever happens to them is the sole responsibility of the state.
A soldier lives his family behind, his friends, the free life he had, everything and submit himself to the state; aren’t they superheroes.
They protect us without knowing us; they fight our wars like it’s there’s and put their lives in line. Most times, some don’t get married and live like anyone else, because of the nature of their jobs.
I once came across a soldier’s prayer and that’s when I knew what they are going through.
He said:
‘’Lord, wrap your arms around me in this hostile, brutal place;
Let me draw peace and comfort from your restful, sweet embrace.
Help me do my duty, to uphold what’s right
Give me strength and courage, each day and every night
Lord, hear this soldier’s prayer, to you in heaven above;
Protect me with your power, and sustain me with your love. Amen.
If there is anything I ever wished for that moment; it was to repeat the same prayer and ask God to grant it. You can never understand what they go through until you have someone you hold close to your heart as one.
On this day, let’s acknowledge them because they are our superheroes.

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