A single father rescues the foster siblings for the best

The three siblings had a difficult childhood, but a single father changed their lives and provided them with the permanent family they deserved.

As parents, we want to provide our children with a secure, stable, and loving environment. So it’s awful to think of all the children that grow up in the foster care system and have no idea what it’s like.

Miquel, four years old; Willis, six years old; and Nevaeh, nine years old, are foster children.

The three siblings spent a large part of their youth in state custody. Everything changed, though, when a single father came to their aid.


Darryl Andersen of Vernal, Utah, gave the lovely siblings a forever home.

It’s a moving story about a single father stepping in to show that everything is achievable with a little bit of love.

Overall, the three brothers and sisters have had a difficult start.

They went into foster care in 2016, and it’s been a nightmare trying to find a lovely family to take them in since then.


Everyone understands that children require stability; nevertheless, life has been a never-ending cycle of perpetual change for these children.


It was just one house after another, Andersen recounted to reporters from KSL News.

“They’re close,” Andersen explained, “and understand that they’ve been placed 16 times in group homes, so all they had was each other.”


Over the five years that they were floating through the system, the kids moved housing conditions sixteen times between all foster homes and group homes.


Andersen couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

It was difficult for him to contemplate as a single father with three children.

He couldn’t take the thought of Miquel, Willis, and Navaeh spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, and, in fact, their entire lives without a secure housing environment.

Andersen began to consider adoption.

He knew he could do it since he had many years of experience as a father under his belt.

Then, with his own children’s blessing, he decided to go ahead with the procedure.

“There are children worldwide who do not have a safe place to call home. Where do they go when Christmas arrives?” He inquired.


More people like Darryl Andersen would make the world a better place.

He even has a philosophy of life that will make you think.

“I believe that because I have been given much, I must also give,” says one of my key motives.

Andersen is now raising three children to adulthood, exactly like he did with his children previously.

Regardless of what has happened to them in the past, he intends to lay a strong foundation for them to thrive as they grow older.

“I want them to understand that the past is the past and that they are in charge of their destiny,” Andersen added.


He makes it evident that they are welcome to come in.

The children are free to travel wherever they want and be whoever they choose. He wants to make sure that they see all of the fantastic possibilities that the world offers.

Of course, Andersen minimises his role in the process, but his children have a different perspective.

The kids told Andersen, “We all love you more than the world.” “It’s because you’re a wonderful father.” “We adore you to the moon and back.”

In their permanent home, these siblings will have many happy days. This narrative, hopefully, may encourage others to consider opening their hearts and homes to children in foster care.

To learn more about this touching adoption tale, watch the movie below!

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