A squatter is preventing a couple from relocating to their dream home.

They bought the house 14 months ago and are still unable to remove the previous owner.

In California, Tracie and Myles Albert found their dream home. As a result, they naturally spent their hard-earned cash to live happily. They paid $560,000 for the four-bedroom house, and it was well worth it.

The only issue is that they haven’t moved in yet, even though it has been over a year. However, there were no concerns with the paperwork or the money. The prior owner is the one who is causing them problems.


He is adamant about not leaving his house.

Shortly after they filed the papers, the state’s eviction moratorium kicked in due to the pandemic, so it’s technically not his anymore. During the pandemic, the suspension was designed to keep suffering families sheltered. However, one former homeowner took advantage of the system.


So he’s living in his old house for free while defrauding the Alberts of their money.

Chris Taylor, a real estate agent, told Business Insider,

“It’s almost inconceivable that we live in a country where anything like this could happen.” This home’s escrow was closed on January 31, 2020.”

It’s good to don’t live in the age of torches and pitchforks anymore because the man sitting in the Alberts’ new home is lucky we don’t.


Assume you’re attempting to enter your own home, but someone is preventing you from doing so. He’s also willing to get his hands dirty! That guy is completely insane. He’s requesting it. However, violence will not fix the problem.


Before the law for lockdowns and other measures was enforced, the lovely Riverside mansion was sold in January 2020.

Even more aggravating, Tracie and Myles cannot walk in the yard. It appears to be trespassing. Tracie was even asked to leave by the local sheriff. Unbelievable!


The property’s former owner has even abandoned it.

“They have this case classified as a COVID tenant issue with no evictions when it does not.” Before any of that, this deal was completed in January 2020, and it was not a renter who was being evicted. It was he who amassed all of this cash.”

In a statement, Myles says.


Inside Edition reports that he tries banging on the door, but the man inside never leaves.

That man would have been taken out and possibly beaten if this had occurred in a different world region. And, knowing people, videos of such an event would be shared widely on social media.


This individual is fortunate that the Alberts are still gracious in their treatment of him. And then there’s nothing left.

As one spectator put it,

“They’re just paying for “his house,” according to the couple. Please evict him and call in a SWAT team.”

Consider what would happen if it happened.


Tracie and Myles devote all of their efforts to evicting this man from their home. And to think that wasn’t intended to be a problem in the first place. They could sue him afterward, but that squatter would most likely get away with it. It’s like filing for bankruptcy or something.

They’ll get him out as quickly as possible. Let’s hope that moment was captured on film.

Check out the video below to see how intense the battle for the property was!

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