A Wish List Created By An Oklahoma Foster Child

A little boy from Oklahoma whose parents abandoned him after abusing him went to the adoptive parents on the first day and delivered them a note. His writing is heartbreaking.

A non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating abused children is called Dreamcatchers for Abused Children. Their main objective is to “inform the public on all elements of child abuse, such as signs, intervention, prevention, statistics, reporting, and helping victims seek the correct services necessary to achieve a full recovery,” according to their website.

The group recently published a devastating list made by an Oklahoman boy who was placed in foster care after suffering horrific abuse from both of his heavily intoxicated parents. The boy never knew love or the delights that come with childhood. He had only ever experienced neglect and malnutrition.

Years passed until a neighbor contacted social services after noticing terrible things happening in the boy’s home.

The boy was taken to Dreamcatchers for Abused Children after police intervened, ensuring the child ended up in a new and loving family.

Finally, the youngster composed a wish list with all the items he desired for his new permanent home when the organization discovered the ideal family and informed him of the beautiful news.

The list made a lot of people cry. Many people took the time to mention that most items on the list are just basic needs and that children shouldn’t even think of having them.

Wish List  
“Things I want in my family:
I like food and water.
Don’t hit on me.
A house with running water and lights.
I want to love.
Mom and dad don’t fight.
I want no drugs.
Please don’t kill my pets.
Help with the school.
Nice clean clothes.
No lice. No bug in-house.
Clean house.
Clean bed with covers.
Please don’t sell my toys.
Treated fair.
Don’t get drunk.
Tv in house.
Let me keep my school stuff.
Nice shoes.
My comb soap. Lovely house and safe and heater coat.

This list serves as a gentle reminder to never take for granted the possessions we do have.

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