A woman adopts a foster boy, and he repays her with a life-saving gift 23 years later.

Jordan was allowed to thank his mother for everything she had done for him by assisting in her survival.

Ingeborg McIntosh welcomed a newborn foster child into her house in the late 1980s. The woman knew she had discovered love the instant she saw him.


Ingeborg told KPHO, “They placed him in my arms, and it was love at first sight.”

Ingeborg was delighted to be the mother of the tiny baby boy she held in her arms. Ingeborg worked hard to have the infant she had been caring for since birth formally adopted.

Jordan McIntosh joined the McIntosh family when he was four years old.


Jordan’s biological mother had specific preferences at the time.

Ingeborg explained, “She wanted him to go into either an African American or a biracial home.”

There were no other options but for the McIntosh family at the time. Thankfully, the adoption process was ultimately completed after four years.


Ingeborg was thrilled to be Jordan’s mother, but the joy was soon overwhelmed by bad news.

She was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and required a kidney transplant. Finding a suitable donor is complex, and the news devastated the family.

Jordan was aware that he might not be a good match for his adopted mother because they were not blood relatives, yet he persisted in trying. He inquired with his doctors about the possibility of donating a kidney to his mother.


A fortunate occurrence.

Jordan aspired to be a perfect match for his mother’s kidney donation, but he did not anticipate becoming a qualified donor. But it turned out he was right.

Jordan was delighted to learn that his kidney was compatible with his mother’s surgery.

“I guess this was my calling in life,” Jordan explained. “Hopefully, as I get older, I’ll be able to do more for her, but it’s the least I can do for now.”


The surgery went smoothly, and Ingeborg began her road to recovery.

Ingeborg’s transplant was successful, and she now has a better shot in life. This was all because of her 27-year-old son, who demonstrated that nothing is impossible when done out of love, although not being connected by blood.


Jordan is also pleased that he was able to assist his mother.

“I just wanted to give back to her all she’s done for me since I was a kid and show her how much I respect her,” he told KPHO.


By telling his experience, the guy hoped that others would realise that it is never too late in repaying kindness. And for him, it’s the most incredible thing ever since he was able to repay his adoptive mother with the love and care he’d gotten over the years.

“Something excellent will come your way, whether right away or 27 years down the road,” he said.


Family does not have to be limited to blood relatives. Jordan’s story highlighted his incredible bond with his beloved mother, and he will be eternally grateful for being able to help her heal.

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