A woman in her twenties believed she was pregnant, but what she found put her life in jeopardy.

Katie Smith is a typical mid-twenty-year-old woman. Well, if you consider this to be a regular occurrence. Something unique began to grow inside Ms. Smith when she was only 24 years old, and the doctors couldn’t figure out what it was.

The Starting Point

Katie’s stomach got so large and quickly that she appeared pregnant! The strangest aspect was that she wasn’t even pregnant. Even though every pregnancy test she took came back negative, her doctors continued to discount her deep fear.

Her Story

Smith is a 28-year-old Welshman from Swansea. She began gaining weight in 2014, and within a few years, she seemed to be nine months pregnant. She told the BBC that she was never fragile but developed a large stomach over time.

A Healthy Way of Life

Katie led a healthy lifestyle and was concerned about her appearance. She was proud of her curves and spent a lot of time in the gym to maintain them. That’s why her progressive weight increase irritated me so much. Regrettably, the mystery remains unsolved.

It’s Not What It Seems

Katie’s biggest concern at the moment was whether she could attend work for a Christmas party because she was self-conscious about her appearance. Katie didn’t think she was skinny enough at the moment.

It’s impossible to keep up with Everything that’s going on.

Katie tried Everything to keep her stomach from expanding, but nothing worked. “I was exercising and eating well, but I was steadily gaining weight,” she explained. Nothing is more frustrating than leading a healthy lifestyle yet accumulating too much weight.”

What exactly was going on?

“It crept up so slowly [that] I didn’t realise anything was wrong — I assumed I was putting on timber,” she continued. Regardless of how much she exercised or followed a rigorous diet, she continued to acquire a significant amount of weight.

Growing Isn’t Everything.

She couldn’t ignore her rapid weight gain any longer. She began to realize that all of her weight gains were concentrated in her stomach, which also felt unusual. What is she going to do now?

Keeping Hope Alive

Her tummy began to feel firm and achy to the touch. However, she remained optimistic and anticipated that the problem would go away with time. However, things don’t always turn out the way we expect.

There’s Only One Reason for Everything

Her dress size was increasing, and she was now a size eight. She was still too afraid to go to the doctor. Her father was a doctor when she was growing up, making her nervous.

Her Unconscious Thought

She had no idea that more severe problems were on the way. At this time, Katie could only come up with one theory. She didn’t want to believe it, though. What was it, in her opinion?

When all the factors were considered, Katie concluded that there was only one potential explanation: pregnancy. Her stomach swelled, she gained weight, she was fatigued all of the time, and she was in a committed relationship.

Unintentional Pregnancy

When you consider all of the factors, it all points to a bun in the oven! Katie and her partner were both apprehensive about the prospect. It was undoubtedly an unintended pregnancy if she was pregnant. Nonetheless, given her circumstances, this was a possibility.

Getting Ready to Have Children

Katie and her boyfriend Jamie Gibbons had been together for ten years and considered the possibility that she was pregnant. Even though they weren’t prepared, they understood they needed to check.

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When the couple discovered that the pregnancy test was negative, they were astonished. They assumed the first test was wrong, so she took a second one right away. But, once again, it yielded the same effect!

Having Serious Concerns

They were taken aback and concluded that they needed to see a doctor. What exactly was going on here? Was she unwell? Is it possible that she had a miscarriage? A million terrifying images flashed through her mind, scared her to death.

Confronting Her Fears

Katie had run out of options, and it was finally time to see her doctor. Unfortunately, she did not get the response she had hoped for or expected. She was advised by the doctor that she was “merely obese.” At this moment, she couldn’t see any way out.

Following Her Gut Feelings

Katie sensed something was awry, even though the physicians rejected her concerns. She ignored it because it had no bearing on her day-to-day activities. She was still baffled by what was going on.

Not Reputable

She couldn’t get over the fact that she wasn’t pregnant. So, what was the problem with her seeming pregnant? She didn’t have complete faith in the doctors’ opinions. But they were professionals, so she should be able to trust them, right?

There is no solution.

If she were pregnant, the condition would disappear once the baby was born. Her tummy, however, continued to develop for another two years. It became bigger and bigger every month until something terrible happened at work.

She was in a bad mood.

Katie was working a routine day when she suddenly felt light-headed and sick. She passed out at that point. Her coworkers said that she had passed out.

It’s Been a Difficult Time

Katie understood she needed to see a doctor right away following this. “It was a stressful time at work,” she explained, “and when I passed out, my doctor blamed it on stress.” She had no other choice than to carry on with her life as she had done previously.

Is it all due to stress?

Is it possible to pass out as a result of being very stressed? Katie wasn’t so sure about that. On the other hand, her doctor was attempting to reassure her that nothing serious was going on and that she was not pregnant.

It’s Not What It Seems

Unwelcome questions about her “pregnancy” were unavoidable. People saw her expanding tummy, and she did not attempt to hide it. She had to explain herself over and over again. It’s impossible to avoid it, no matter what, because it was so exceptional.

There Is No End in Sight

Katie constantly responded the same way, “The doctors say I’m just overweight,” day in and day out. Despite her dissatisfaction with the situation, she saw no end in sight.

Date of Submission

People would always inquire when the baby was due, and she would lie after a while to save them the shame, she added. But she eventually just told them she was overweight since that’s what she thought.

Adapting Your Appearance

Katie was waddling around with a huge belly, and she was becoming self-conscious about her appearance. She even started shopping in the maternity section because she couldn’t find anything that fit her.

Clothes for Maternity

“I recall attempting to shop for clothes in December 2016, and nothing fit,” she explained. On top, I was skin and bone, followed by a big hump and regular legs. The only thing that would fit was maternity clothing.”

Needs Assistance

Katie was defiant enough to seek assistance. She only sought help after experiencing a couple of blackouts at work, difficulty breathing, and an enormous weight gain interfering with her life.

Looking for Help

It wouldn’t have happened yet if it hadn’t been for her coworkers’ insistence that she check out. Many people wonder why Katie didn’t look after herself better. Why did it take her so long to seek assistance when something was wrong?

A New Justification

Katie tried to evade her predicament by going about her daily routine. But when she passed out four times, she’d had enough! This time, the doctor blamed her weariness on her acne prescription, but she refused to respond.

It’s Time to Take a Stand

It appeared like the doctors were unconcerned with her concerns or health. They attempted to blame Katie for other factors and events in her life. She eventually recognized that it was time to stand firm.

Enough had been enough.

She had stopped taking it for several months before that and argued that there had to be a reason. She went to another doctor, who told her she had to be pregnant as well. He performed multiple blood tests, all of which came out negative.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Her GP determined that pregnancy was the only explanation based on the blood test results and no more examination. As a result, he requested a second ultrasound. Katie was having trouble walking at this point, and she was also having breathing problems.

Finally, the Truth

The doctor who visited her advised them to find out if she was pregnant right away. Is she finally going to get to the bottom of this? Oh, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for her that she hadn’t anticipated.


Katie kept an eye on the doctor while she performed the ultrasound. When she observed her look, it was evident that something was wrong. Her eyes were wide, and she had a terrified expression on her face.

Katie’s consolation

Katie got fully paralyzed after the doctor summoned a consultant. Jamie, her boyfriend, tried to console her, but the fear she was experiencing did not go away. What was going on within her stomach, exactly?

I was not expecting a child.

The ultrasound screen was blank, and it was clear that Katie was not pregnant. There was still something going on in her tummy, though. What they did know was that her life was in jeopardy.

Unexpected News

The options were limitless, regardless of whether they needed a CT scan to figure it out. Katie was understandably afraid and worried about what was going to happen. Her thoughts wandered to several possibilities.

CT scan in an emergency

The negative ultrasound prompted an emergency CT scan, which delivered startling news. Katie had been prepared for what the doctors were about to say. Katie and her boyfriend sat hand in hand, waiting for the big announcement.

I’m Not Pregnant at All

Katie was not expecting a child. Her massive belly was the outcome of an enormous ovarian tumor, which was the cause of her large belly. Katie’s entire world came crumbling down at this time since the doctor was unsure of what he was dealing with.

In Contact With The Skin

It was a large cyst, measuring 24 centimeters in diameter and linked to her stomach. Finally, this explained her weight growth, but her life was still in danger—measures needed to be taken immediately.

What Is An Ovarian Cyst, Exactly?

A cyst is essentially a fluid-filled sac that can form on a woman’s ovary. They are exceedingly common, typically do not cause harm, and usually vanish independently. Katie, however, is not one of them.

Unusual Size

The only time a cyst can endanger a person’s life is if it ruptures, restricts the blood supply to the ovaries, or is enormous, as in this case. Katie’s was considerable, oh, exorbitantly so!

Investigating Her Possibilities

Katie met with a specialist a month later to discuss the options accessible to her. The image of the consultant’s face is still imprinted in her mind. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her stomach.

Complete Disbelief

Although he carefully informed them that she had a giant ovarian tumor, his face showed the truth. He was utterly taken aback. No one, including the physician, could have predicted the cyst’s size.

That isn’t Everything.

According to the expert, multiple cysts could form and get linked to organs. Katie couldn’t believe it, but she realized she had no choice but to have surgery at this point.

The Repercussions

Even though all other possibilities had been ruled out, the cyst’s impact on her body remained unknown. She suffered adverse effects, and they had nothing to do with the fact that she was pregnant.

You’re all right.

Although the doctor had no idea what the cyst was or how large it was, he concluded something needed to be done. He couldn’t believe all of Katie’s other doctors had reassured her by saying, “You’re fine.”

One thing is for sure:

One thing the doctor was sure of was that she would lose one of her ovaries. Furthermore, depending on the location of the cyst, she may have to stay in the hospital for longer. Katie felt as if she was saying her final goodbyes to her life.

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