In a new extreme surgery, a woman who aspires to be a “forest elf” gets a Barbie nose and cat eyes.

Many celebrities, it’s safe to assume, have had plastic surgery. Some have used Botox, while others have had their entire bodies transformed. Mary Magdalene is one of such people.

The surgeon’s knife became famous when the Toronto, Canada native experimented. She claims to have spent tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to change the shape of her face and other portions of her body.

The model has updated her Instagram account with new photos of her latest treatment, including a “Barbie face” and “cat eyes.”

Mary Magdalene

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, including looking well for some. Or, at the very least, what we think “looks good.” This might include everything from getting dressed to trying out new skin creams and beauty regimes to dieting or working out to feel better.

However, for some, this isn’t enough. If there’s one thing that plastic surgery has taught us over the years, it’s that it’s not all about significantly altering one’s appearance, as was formerly supposed.

Plastic surgery and procedures for Mary Magdalene

For some people, plastic surgery is more about gaining confidence in their appearance.

Finally, we should all be entitled to do anything we want with our appearance if it does not endanger our lives. Simply put, our bodies belong to us.

Of course, some people go even further, notably those who desire to completely transform their appearance.

Mary Magdalene, 25, is one such person. She is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When she began performing plastic surgery, she became an internet phenomenon. She had her first surgery when she was 21 years old.

According to the Sun, Maria has accomplished a great deal more today. Magdalene is recording her journey on Instagram, claiming that her “new visage” resembles a “forest fairy elf.”

Mary Magdalene

So, where did it all begin?

At 17, Mary Magdalene began working as an exotic dancer. Her first surgery was a breast augmentation, and she told XX that she has always admired “the false bimbo look.”

Worked as a ‘therapist’ and exotic dancer.

Her business developed, and she became well-known on Instagram, where she had over 300,000 followers at one point. Unfortunately, Mary’s account was suspended, and she now has approximately 70,000 followers on Instagram. During the pandemic, Mary Magdalene became a full-time virtual exotic dancer, charging over $110 for five minutes.

Every week, she had up to 50 sessions planned, with customers ranging from 20 to 80.

“I do a [exotic dance] and a chat, but sometimes I’m just a therapist.” Unilad told Mary Magdalene, “Some folks just adore having someone to chat to.” “I get a wide variety of requests. Some folks are only interested in seeing me eat, twerk, and try on clothes. I also attract foot fetishists, with some even demanding me to humiliate and offend them.”

What began as a single plastic surgery procedure on Mary’s breasts quickly grew into much more. She had tattoos all over her body, and she’d gone under the knife numerous times over the years.

Her cup size is now 38J, and she’s wearing 5,000cc expanders to make her breasts bigger. Mary has had a brow lift, fat transfers, three Brazilian butt lifts, many nose jobs, breast jobs, liposuction, veneers, and butt injections, to name a few procedures.

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene had to fly to Russia for her last surgery, according to The Sun. She couldn’t have the procedure done in the United States since it was so extreme.

Over $100,000 was spent on surgeries.

Even though one could believe Mary’s body can’t be improved any further, she indicated that additional procedures are on the way.

“I have my eyebrow transplant, jaw, and lips booked next week, then my face will be complete,” she captioned the photo in early February, according to The Sun.

Plastic surgery isn’t a new occurrence. For decades, the public has had access to it. We see it most often when celebrities undergo cosmetic surgeries like botox injections. Like Simon Cowell and Courtney Cox, several celebrities have been candid about their cosmetic operations.

One thing to keep in mind is that plastic surgery is not inexpensive. For the normal person, this means that the injections or surgery will most likely require some saving. And it hasn’t been inexpensive in the case of Mary Magdalene.

Unilad claims that the Toronto-born model has spent over $100,000 on procedures. Because of the numerous operations, some doctors have even turned Mary Magdalene away.

“The physicians think I don’t need any additional procedures,” she continued, “but they recognise the fact that I have my own distinct aesthetic and are willing to work with me to reach my goals.”

Plastic surgery can drastically alter a person’s appearance. It can, however, be highly harmful. Throughout the years, there have been several instances of procedures gone awry.

Mary Magdalene was supposed to be dying by the doctor.

The operations can cause anything from inflammation and infection, increasing scars, to complications, which can be lethal in the worst-case scenario. Mary Magdalene came close to experiencing this.

Magdalene aspired to have the “fattest v*gina in the world,” as she put it. As a result, surgeons injected fat from other portions of her body into her v*gina. However, everything went wrong. Her left side continued to expand steadily, resulting in a surge of scar tissue. Her life was saved after she had two blood transfusions.

To survive, Mary Magdalene underwent v*gina reduction surgery, but:

“I designed it myself, so it’s the fattest in the world.” Mary Magdelene claimed, “I almost died during the procedure on the No Jumper podcast.” “I was losing a lot of blood and turning pale, according to the doctor.” He was convinced I was going to die.”

“He was convinced I was going to die.” I was sick for a week, believed I was going to die, and had a horrible allergic reaction to the fresh blood I had from the transfusion.”

Fortunately, Mary Magdalene lived. However, it didn’t stop her from changing her physique with additional surgeries.

Mary Magdalene

When she’s out in public, her appearance also grabs a lot of attention.

“In a couple of months, I’ll undergo my second boob surgery.” “I’m undecided about which path I’ll choose, but I intend to have the world’s largest boobs,” she stated.

Today’s Mary Magdalene – new operations

“I receive a lot of dirty stares and have been involved in several car accidents.” People frequently approach me on the street, pleading for my phone number and begging for money. When I walk by, the wives and girlfriends try to distract their partners and husbands because they are jealous. “They’ll turn on because they’re staring at [my body],” Mary continued.

“But it doesn’t matter to me; they’ll always find a way to stare at me.” There have been times when they have covertly given me their phone number. It made me laugh out loud.

Mary Magdalene shared a new selfie of herself on Instagram earlier this month. Her face was swollen and wrapped in a bandage after her recent nose surgery. “Forest fairy elf,” Mary called herself.

In a short video, she remarked, “My top tip is still not f***ing moving following the surgery!” “My nose is still swollen following the surgery, so even talking is strange.”

Despite her puffy cheeks, Mary was happy with the outcome.

“It’s a very fake-looking Barbie nose, which is exactly what I asked for, yet several doctors told me that because of my three previous nose surgeries, I couldn’t have this type of nose.”

Mary Magdalene

Looking back, it’s clear that Mary Magdalene is unable to refrain from getting operations. So, was it all worthwhile?

“I have a positive outlook.”

The 25-year-old claims that she can no longer drink through a straw and that she can’t whistle because her lips are too large.

“Another disadvantage is the problems from my v*gina surgery, but I am hopeful that it will be fixed,” she stated, adding that there are some advantages as well.

“My over-sized physical parts make everything far more fun, and my surgeries, in general, have just been wonderful for my business and brand,” says the author.

Getting into a committed relationship can be tough for her, although she attracts a lot of attention and earns money through her employment. Because of her appearance, Mary Magdalene claims that dating is difficult.

“They feel possessive and insecure about my Instagram and website; they don’t like other men seeing my [sexy] images, and they wish I wore more clothes out in public because it’s too chaotic,” she explained.

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