According to Today, Rebecca Cannon and her 14-month-old daughter were visiting Rebecca’s sister in Canada. The weather was pleasant, so they went outside to take advantage of it.

She noticed she didn’t have the sunscreen she regularly uses on her daughter when she went to look for it. She inquired as to whether her sister had any sunblock for children.

A Banana Boat spray for kids was given to her. With a 50+SPF, the product claimed to be alcohol-free, tear-free, and sting-free. It also determined the product to be safe for children over the age of six months.

Everything was in order. Because with all those things printed there on the can, I would have trusted it.

Before you ask, no, this mother did not squirt it straight into her child’s eyes. Even if she didn’t, the directions stated that adults should spray the product into their own hands before applying it to a child’s face.

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That’s exactly what Rebecca did, and I would have followed her lead. She finally put a hat on her baby girl, and they were going. Other than being in the house, I would have believed that was about as safe as she could have been.

A rash appeared on her child’s face a few hours later, and Mom noticed it. She was concerned, but not to the point where she thought a trip to the ER was necessary.

The next morning, she gathered her daughter and raced to the hospital’s emergency room. There was considerable swelling and blistering where the rash had been.

Via :Rebecca canon Facebook

Her daughter’s face was covered in 2nd-degree burns, according to the ER doctor! Rebecca had no idea what had transpired. How did she become so badly burned while she had shielded her daughter from the sun?

Her daughter had a caustic burn as a result of the sunscreen. Because the doctor’s cream made things worse, she was referred to a dermatologist right away. They started putting the pieces together there.

The moral of the story is that prevention is better than cure. Share This With Your Friends And Family..

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