After 40 Years Of Marriage – A Woman Discovers Her Husband Is Leading A Double Life

So there’s a wonderful love story- which goes like this! Bobby and Cheryl lived together for more than 40 years and while many would think the couple has everything going for them with the secret to a successful marriage, others may say it’s not exactly your typical romance. However much the former is true Bobby had indeed been keeping a secret from Cheryl. But Cheryl did not find this information out first hand, yet still, everything changed.

After 40 Years Of Being Married, Woman Finds Out From The FBI Who Her Husband Really Is

“Crazy Lady”

Couple had a neighbour who they often referred to as the “crazy lady”, and the police occasionally checked in on her. So naturally, Cheryl thought that they accidentally had mistaken the houses or address. There’s no doubt they would be looking for her, right?

Screenshot 16


“At first I wasn’t worried, but the moment I opened the door, twelve officers came barging past me,” Cheryl explained. Cheryl had no clue that at that very moment her life would be totally torn apart.

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Absolute Chaos

Cheryl was frantic when she explained what happened. She said that she returned their room and went straight to Bobby to see what was going on. She heard the officers ask her husband what his name was, and he said, Bobby Love.

Absolute Chaos

Inquiring about his name

“No, what’s your true name?” they yelled. Her husband spoke something in hushed tones. “You’ve had a long run,” the officers said, and before she could comprehend the situation, the officers had her precious Bobby in handcuffs. Cheryl was visibly perplexed and pleaded with them to explain what was happening. “This goes way back, Cheryl,” Bobby said hastily as the cops shoved him through the door. I used to know you before I met you.”

Asking For His Name

In Shock

Cheryl was totally confused, she had no idea how to react. Cheryl pleaded and asked what was happening. He said as they pushed him out the door, “This goes way back, Cheryl. Back before I met you.”

In Shock

Walter Miller

Miller grew up in North Carolina during the 1960s and he described his childhood as being pretty ordinary. His family did not have a lot of money and his mother managed to raise eight children all on her own. It was clear that he never received much attention.

Walter Miller

An 80’s Concert

It all started at a Sam Cooke concert Walter had joined. Walter remembers, “The crowd was really moving because it was dance music. And Sam Cooke didn’t like that. He kept telling people to sit down.

Screenshot 1

Ascending Downhill

He walked off the stage after only two songs.” Walter was arrested for disorderly conduct shortly after ranting in a lighthearted manner on stage, and he later recalls, “Things went south pretty rapidly after that.”

Screenshot 2

Years of Misdemeanors

Walter, who was only a teenager at the time of the Sam Cooke event in 1964, already had a criminal record. So many things began to spiral out of control from that point forward. “I got into all kinds of trouble, I took purses from unlocked cars, I started taking government checks out of mailboxes, I got braver and bolder,” Walter later admitted in an interview.

Years Of Petty Crimes

Trouble Was Calling

From the beginning, Miller would steal from pauses, break into cars, mailboxes, and more. Small crimes were a daily activity for him because he was able to access some cash immediately, which is what he wanted.

Trouble Was Calling

Center for Juvenile Detention

Walter had also robbed his school’s music room at one point, was apprehended, and was later moved to a juvenile correctional camp. Walter had to face the consequences after years of small misdeeds. You might be wondering what they were…

Screenshot 19

His Life Quickly Changed

As his freedom was taken away from him, Walter’s life abruptly changed as he was compelled to abide by the juvenile detention’s strict code. Walter said years later, “I hated everything about that place,” as he was opposed to the standards regarding food and violence in the center. Walter spoke about his experience regardless of being released many years before, “I still have scars from all the times I got beat up.”

His Life Quickly Changed

Creating A Strategy

Walter would listen to the trains as they rumbled by on the lines beside his cell in the late hours of the evenings. This allowed him to get away from the center’s realities. Walter was desperate to get out, and he knew he had to, but he didn’t know how.

Screenshot 3


In prison Miller has beaten up quite alot. He said that even till today he has the scars from back then. He will never forget his experience in prison. As much as he wishes to forget it, he simply cannot.


Risky Departure

Community train station’s horns and whistles allowed Walter to reminisce about the times when he had more freedom — this was what he was most looking forward to. As Walter waited for any hint or chance, juvenile incarceration began to strain his patience. “I always wanted to know where that train was headed,” he said.

A Daring Escape

The Initial Disappearance

When the guard patrolling the juvenile centre’s entrance stepped away to check the time late one night, Walter was given the perfect opportunity. Walter had been waiting for this chance and seized it as quickly as he could. Walter explained, “I went out the back door – toward the sound of that whistle.” “It wasn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last time I had to flee,” the narrator continues.

Screenshot 20

The Fight for Survival

Miller accounted for his experience like it was yesterday. He remembered sprinting for the back door. This was the first time Walter ever escaped, but it only helped him for the future. Walter would be back, and next time he would be even smarter.

The Escape

Making His Way To The Tracks

Walter headed directly for the train station and did exactly what he had intended to do for a really long time -he followed the trains to see where they would take him to. Finally, Walter would head west on the tracks, towards Washington, D.C from North Carolina.

Making His Way To The Tracks

Spoken To Soon

Although Walter was doing well for himself, soon enough he joined the troubled youth. Then, the drama story came back. He was going on the wrong path and things were just going downhill from there.

Spoken To Soon

Many Worse Offenses

Walter’s new friends didn’t commit minor offences; instead, they committed much more serious offences. Walter quickly realised that his pals were bank robbers, and they managed to get away from the cops while travelling to North Carolina. Over there, security wasn’t as strict.

Much Worse Crimes

Youth Gang

Walter along with his buddies pursue their escapes from the police while they continued to rob banks. Walter thought back, “After every score, we’d hand out on the strip at 14th and T [Streets], and act like big timers. We felt like gangsters.” He admitted honestly, “I have nobody to blame but myself. I just enjoyed the feeling of having money.”

Screenshot 22

Getting Caught Again

Walter’s fortune soon ended as he and his sidekicks had their string of robberies and operations come crashing down. In August 1971, it was just an average day when one of the banks they had been robbed, had a silent alarm. The bank teller had pressed the alarm which alerted the police about the ongoing robbery.

Getting Caught Again

In Handcuffs Again

The cops were waiting in the parking lot for Walter to exit the bank as he ran out. “I tried to get away, ducking and weaving, sprinting through automobiles,” Walter recalled, but a cop fired a shot. He’d been trapped, and that was the end of it. Surely he’d figure out a way to change his fate…

Screenshot 23

He’s Been Punished For His Crimes

This bank robbery, as well as the others, was proven to be Walter’s fault. He was sentenced to between 25 and 30 years in prison. Walter received the heartbreaking news that his mother had died while he was in prison. He was shattered, and he vowed to make things better from that point forward.

Sentenced For His Crimes


Walter was the subject of a slew of petitions, all of which failed. Walter had become accustomed to life in prison at this point, but he realised that the only way he could improve his quality of life was to be moved from a maximum-security facility to a minimum-security one. As a result, he started devising a strategy.

Screenshot 24

His efforts were rewarded.

Walter was committed to bettering and altering his life. “I’ve evolved into the ultimate prisoner.” “I never had a blemish on my record,” he added. Because of his exemplary behaviour, his hard work paid off, and he was promoted. Walter’s situation had become “more like a camp” in comparison to the maximum-security facility. He felt more at ease, despite the fact that the compound was still blocked and armed with gun towers.

His Work Paid Off

The Transfer

This change was basically like camp compared to his conditions before. Even though he was still closed in with tall fences, he also felt like he had a bigger sense of freedom and it was a great change.

In comparison to Maximum Security, his new situation was “more like a camp,” and while the facility still had high fences and looming gun towers, it also brought with it a greater sense of liberation.

His New Situation Was “more Like A Camp” Compared To Maximum Security, And While The Facility Still Had High Fences And Looming Gun Towers, It Came With A Larger Sense Of Freedom As Well.

Things Changing

The inmates in this facility had privileges that permitted them to go outside as well as call their loved ones. Walter was doing well, as a matter of fact, he ran his own radio show. He really planned on completing his entire sentence. However, that didn’t last too long

Screenshot 25

Everything Went Downhill

Walter had a good time hosting the radio show and even affirmed that the role helped him feel “relaxed”, a sensation he hadn’t encountered in many years. Despite this, things began to come apart when another prisoner screeched rudely at the prison’s captain. He then mistook Walter as the one who had expressed the vulgar words. Needless to say, this was just the beginning…

Everything Went Downhill

An Eye On Him

Someone had it out for him and Walter kept receiving negative complaints. Miller was not interested in going backwards. He knew that he knew his only solution would be to get out of there. That sparked the plan for his second escape.

An Eye On Him

A Unique Chance

Walter has allocated the worst duty in the institution because of all the negative reports he has been receiving. Walter, along with a few other inmates, was in charge of cleaning up the roadways, which meant they had to get up earlier than the rest of the inmates and take a bus to Raleigh to pick up rubbish.

A New Opportunity

Plotting Begins

He recalled, “It was dreadful. People would be throwing hamburgers and milkshakes at you. And it was almost winter, so it was starting to get cold.” Regardless of the bad weather, Walter identified his opportunity. He said, “That’s when I started planning and plotting.”

Screenshot 27..

His Big Escape Plan

Walter plotted his big break, he started saving up his money and carefully noted the routine. In particular that on Tuesday mornings the guard was slightly chilled-out than the others. Every inmate was patted down before boarding the bus, but this certain guard simply allowed them to walk straight on.

His Big Escape Plan

Getting the Information You Need

He also became familiar with the bus’s customary stopping points, which were near a wooded forest. So Walter spent months accumulating all of the required facts before making his decision on a routine Monday while watching football. He declared, “That was going to be my last night in prison.”

Screenshot 15

The Decision

Walter had everything planned out. He knew that it was his last night in prison and he went over his exit strategy carefully. He was scared but he knew he could do it. What do you think? Did he make it?

The Decision

Tactical Change

Walter rushed into the forest and throw off his prison uniform as he got further into the woods. The sirens were getting further and further away as he continued without looking back. He was full of energy.

Tactical Change

Walter Miller’s Last Days

Walter remembered, “I could hear the alarm blaring behind me, but I didn’t glance back.” When Walter felt safe, he inquired for directions to the Greyhound terminal, and all they said was, “Keep walking.” Finally, he arrived at the train station and took a bus to New York City, where he was talented to derive just enough money from a random passer-by.

The Death Of Walter Miller

Bobby Love is a fictional character in the movie. Bobby Love is a character in the film Bobby Love

Bobby Love arrived in New York City in November 1977. With the money he had, he started a new life and leased a room at a motel. He had no choice but to take to the streets when his money ran out. Despite this, Bobby began a new life on the streets, and he was able to obtain a birth certificate with the help of a few falsehoods and a lucky break. He was also granted a social security number and, later, a driver’s licence.

Bobby Love

Needing Employment

Following that he started searching for any employment opportunities and worked several odd jobs for the sake of earning as much money as possible. Walter stayed in $8-a-night hotels, but out of the blue, his luck took a turn and transformed his life.

Screenshot 6

A Heart Of Gold

He had never come across a person like Cheryl, “Cheryl was pure – contrary to me. That is the reason why I was so attracted to her.” He continued, “Cheryl was soft. Almost in a naïve way.” He was ready to start afresh and have a life partner.

Screenshot 10

Building A Life Together

Bobby married Cheryl on the  30th of March 1985, Bobby was 34 years old and Cheryl was a young 21 years old. Not too long after, the newlyweds had their first child, she was named Jasmine. Two years later, the couple welcomed another baby girl named Jessica. But that was not all, 11 years after the birth of their second daughter, they welcomed twin boys- Jordan and Justin.

Screenshot 7

Dedicated to his family

Bobby worked two jobs and was a caring father despite only getting two hours of sleep every night. Regardless of his profession, Bobby was a devout churchgoer, a volunteer, and frequent at community meetings. Bobby’s life was nearly perfect. On the other hand, his big secret hung over him at all times. According to the New York Daily News, Walter intends to send his wife a note that reads, “I’m not going anywhere unless someone takes me.”

Screenshot 4

Claim to Fame

Bobby indicated that he wanted to inform his wife about his background but “couldn’t risk it.” Bobby assumed that his previous life was in the past and that he would be persuaded to come forward because Cheryl was a “good woman.”

His Secret

Strongly Mistaken

Bobby maintained contact with a handful of family members in North Carolina, and he often begged his sister to tell Cheryl the truth only once he dies. But his sister thought otherwise and persisted he tell her the truth. Bobby said, “That part of my life was buried back in North Carolina. And it wasn’t coming back,” sadly he was very oblivious as to what was coming his way…

Screenshot 13

His New Slate

Bobby left his past behind him in North Carolina and had no intentions of it coming back. Unfortunately, secrets never tend to stay secret and he would learn that soon. Regardless, he always felt this in his conscious.

His New Slate

Observing Oddities

“There was a missing element,” Cheryl observed, “something was off,” and both her and Bobby’s pals claimed he disliked taking pictures, was wary of strangers, and stayed to himself. He would “appear terrified” even when people simply asked for directions.

Noticing Oddities


Cheryl recognized that Bobby was always nervous and felt like something was wrong. He got uncomfortable around strangers and it seemed like he thought someone was after him. He had an overall fear of people.


Praying To The Lord

Frequently when he argued with Cheryl, Bobby would build a wall. Cheryl recalled, “I remember during Christmas of 2014, I was on my knees in church, saying ‘Lord, please, I can’t do this anymore. That was a few weeks before everything went down.”

Screenshot 8

Everything went to hell in a handbasket.

Bobby gradually became more at ease as the years passed. He even returned to North Carolina to attend his only sibling’s burial. He often reflects on this time, believing that it was then that someone may have noticed him and informed authorities. It wasn’t long before the FBI arrived at his house, handcuffing him. “My world came crumbling down,” Cheryl said, adding that her sorrow outweighed any potential shame. “Bobby had mislead me for all those years,” she continued. It was “like I was in a movie — a Lifetime movie” in our house, she said in another interview. Despite her mixed emotions, she was adamant about acting out.

Everything Came Crashing Down


Cheryl said, “My world came crashing down,” and she also admitted that her hurt overtook her embarrassment. She felt as though she had been living a lie, her mind was filled with much doubt regarding her relationship.



Cheryl explained that there was no longer trust between her and Bobby. For so long she was living a lie and she felt like she was living straight out of a movie. She had such mixed emotions but she had to do something.


Having to Deal with Difficult Situations

Bobby’s chances of winning were fading fast. He was being held at the notorious Rikers Island prison in New York, awaiting extradition to North Carolina. He might then be sentenced to the remaining ten years of his sentence, plus an additional year for avoiding capture.

Facing Grim Circumstances

Doing Everything She Could

Cheryl tried and exhausted any possibility she thought she had to give her husband independence. From writing letters to the governor as well as President Obama. Cheryl begged her children and so many others in his life to writing testimonials. She said, “I didn’t know a thing about Walter Miller, but I told them all about Bobby Love.”

Doing Everything She Could

Addressing The Parole Board

She was able to prepare almost every type of character defence she could get her hands on, and with that, she took it to her husband’s parole board. The mission appeared to be somewhat hopeless, but the parole board liberated  Bobby and gave him his life and freedom back. Just one year out of prison, he began to build a new life again except things still seemed to not be the same.

Screenshot 12

Better Than Ever

Naturally, Cheryl forgave Bobby and their marriage continued to go from strength to strength. Additionally,  Bobby’s temper completely changed, he was no longer jittery or anxious, he was more engaged with people and more considerate towards his beloved wife. After this entire experience and hardship, Cheryl and Bobby felt more connected than ever. Cheryl has the marriage she wanted and they are free. “The day he was set free, I sat him down and I asked ‘What is it? Are we the Loves? Or are we the Millers?’ And he said: ‘We Love. We Love.’”

Better Than Ever

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