After 45 minutes without a pulse, a man awakens and reveals this terrifying vision of the afterlife.

Although a Netflix series begs to disagree, there is no scientific evidence for life after death, despite being a frequently discussed subject. Some people think that your karma will determine your subsequent rebirth or how you behave in this life after death.

But it’s almost impossible for you to be alive. That likelihood is equivalent to handing out 2 million dice, each with a trillion sides. Then threw those 2 million dice, which all landed on the number 439,505,270,846. It’s so absurd that mathematicians went utterly crazy to make an equation! However, passing away is very typical. It’s so every day that it’s specific. The most familiar, absolutely natural thing you can do is die.

Some people use rebirth to escape reality despite knowing we cannot do so. Others find solace in that; despite everything they did in this life, they will be given another chance. Religion holds that there is an afterlife in which we will experience eternal happiness or eternal torment and fire. Regardless of the reality, some people relate spooky tales about the hereafter. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander is one book that discusses it. If you want to see a person’s insights from behind the scenes of life, this is one of those books I heartily suggest.

There are numerous occasions where someone has revealed the joy they have felt in the afterlife or visions from their previous lifetimes.

Ohio saw one event like this. 41-year-old truck driver Brian Miller experienced chest tightness when opening a container’s lid. He dialled 911 right away and told the operator what was going on.

Watch After: After 12 Years, “Ghost Boy” Awakens from a Coma… He then disclosed this spine-chilling detail.

He soon had emergency medical treatment after suffering a heart attack in which the major artery was entirely occluded.

The medical professionals successfully removed the obstruction, but once he recovered consciousness, ventricular fibrillation set in. The heart consequently stops pumping blood to the body’s other organs.

According to ICU nurse Emily Bishop, he had no pulse, no blood pressure, and no heartbeat. The doctors’ “strong, hard, quick CPR” was ineffective. Brian was shocked roughly four times with electric current without any noticeable results.

But 45 minutes after suffering a severe heart attack, he unexpectedly came back to life, shocking the crew.

Brain reveals that he enjoyed “Edenic” happiness in a heavenly realm in his final moments. He could only recall when he first noticed the light and began to move in its direction.

He came across his deceased stepmother while strolling along a path decorated with flowers and white light. She had a divine, joyful appearance. It’s not your time; you don’t need to be here; we have to take you back; you have things to go and do, she grabbed one of my arms and told me, he said.

Bishop asserted that his pulse “out of nowhere” returned. It’s highly supernatural that his brain survived that long without oxygen and recovered. People “need to believe in the afterlife, big time,” he asserts.


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