After a boy nearly dies after eating a burger cooked by his mother, she raises the alarm and warns others

Anthony, six years old, began eating his burger and became violently ill within minutes. Anthony’s mother hurried him to the emergency department, and the doctors’ findings in his stomach caused her to turn white.

”I had a feeling something wasn’t right.”

Anthony’s mother, Nadia, said, “We realized something was wrong, and he was in terrible pain because he was wailing.” “Our adventure started at the local hospital, and then we were taken to Sick Kids, so it was around 12 hours from the time we had supper to the time we had surgery.”

“I had a patient who almost died from it about a year ago,” says doctor Aziz Benbrahim. “He got sick for two weeks after eating a bristle from a barbecue brush.”

Duff Dixon, a barbeque expert at Barbecue World, recommends replacing your brushes as soon as they exhibit signs of wear and strain.

Brushes mounted to a metal plate are preferable over those attached to a wood or plastic plate, which are less secure.

This problem, according to Dixon, has existed as long as metal grill brushes have been used.

Instead of using a metal brush, try this.

It’s best to avoid using metal barbeque brushes altogether.

Barbecue grills may be cleaned in a variety of ways without the use of brushes. Some people light their grill on fire and let the residue burn off; others rub their grill with a raw potato. Others scrub the filth away with aluminum foil.

Nadia, Anthony’s mother, says she went public with her son’s tale to warn other families about the dangers of using barbecue brushes, so they don’t suffer the same tragedy.

“I want to see these brushes taken off the market and banned,” she stated.

Since the incident, the family hasn’t had any more barbecues, and Nadia claims that little Anthony is still frightened to eat anything from the grill.

Hopefully, Anthony will overcome his phobia soon, but in the meantime, let’s help spread the word about this frequent household peril.

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