After a group of people left this restaurant, the owner was surprised by what happened next.

What They Wrote Was Unbelievable
What They Wrote Was Unbelievable

It Was Unbelievable What They Wrote

Running a restaurant necessitates a significant amount of effort. Despite this, Apollo was always proud of the Kilimandjaro restaurant in Middlesbrough. This was a business entrepreneur who always treated his employees and customers with respect. Three out-of-towners ordered chicken and then walked away without paying. Their actions enraged Apollo, who got a letter from them as a result.

The Dining Room

After watching Middlesbrough F.C. play over the weekend, soccer fans frequented Kilimandjaro for a bite to eat. Waka Waka Chicken was one of the restaurant’s specialties. Despite the busy weekends, Apollo and the team were surprised when three out-of-towners arrived and left without paying…

A Typical Weekend

For the first few hours of Apollo and his Kilimandjaro team’s frantic weekend shift, everything appeared normal. Thousands of customers were streaming in, and service was running smoothly on that particular day. Apollo wasn’t even present, to be honest. Because he was enjoying himself with his family, he was completely unaware of what was going on in his restaurant. He had no idea that something unexpected was about to happen, or that he’d get an embarrassing phone call from his boss.

Three men arrived.

Three guys entered the restaurant midway during that busy weekend shift, clearly looking for a table and some meal. It’s probable that they came from out of town to back the opposing side. At the very least, the workers could tell there was a difference in their accents. It didn’t take long for a waiter to arrive and take their orders. Everything looked to be going according to plan after that…

Lunch is being enjoyed

It’s always a risk to walk into a restaurant you’ve never been to before and place an order. The three buddies, on the other hand, were overjoyed that they chose Kilimandjaro. Waka Waka Chicken with cheese was ordered by two of the pals, while Waka Waka Chicken without cheese was requested by the third. The staff could tell these three guys were enjoying every bite due to their lack of dialogue. After a half-hour delay, the three buddies were ready to receive the check…

A Sauce of Unknown Origin

The sauce on the table the buddies were sitting at was one of the things they couldn’t get beyond. At first glance, the bottle’s logo and colors appeared to be identical to those of another well-known chicken restaurant, Nando’s. As soon as they tasted it, they realized it had a different flavor, and they continued to enjoy their delicious lunch. It was finally time to pay…

No credit cards are accepted.

The three pals were all set to foot the tab for their meal. The total cost of the dinner was £35, which is around $43 in today’s money. Tom, Alex, and Harry rushed for their credit cards as the server approached their table and handed them over. They were taken aback when the server informed them that they could only pay in cash. The server then went to another table to take orders. The three companions, on the other hand, had other ideas…

Getting Out Of The Restaurant

When the waiter returned to collect their cash payment, they were surprised to find their table empty. After getting up from their table, Tom, Alex, and Harry walked out of the restaurant. They’d gone missing because they hadn’t paid for their food. As a result, the waiter had no choice but to contact Apollo, who was in a bad mood…

It left him perplexed.

Apollo was completely perplexed when the waiter explained what had transpired. In today’s world, he couldn’t understand how a group of friends could walk into a restaurant, place their orders, eat their meals, and then leave without paying. The truth is that Apollo’s life has been a long and winding journey filled with ups and downs. But this was the oddest of them…

The Honest People’s Land

Apollo said in an interview with Gazette Live that his birth country, Burkina Faso, literally means “The Land of Honest People.” Apollo has always prized the virtue of honesty, having grown up in the West African country, and he transferred that attitude to the United Kingdom when he moved there years ago. In his circumstances, Apollo had no choice but to resort to harsh measures…

Taking Extreme Measures

Apollo had deep feelings about what had happened in his restaurant because of his reputation as a trustworthy man. He went so far as to say that the incident had made him lose faith in humanity. As a result, he told his employees that if something like this happened again, they should make sure the customers stayed until they paid. Despite his irritation, Apollo clung to the hope that the clients would return…

There is no hope.

After a few days, there was still no sign of the three males returning to pay for their supper. Apollo made it a point to stay at the restaurant at all times in case Tom, Alex or Harry showed up. With each passing day, the owner’s hopes of them returning dwindled. Apollo was surprised to see one of his employees burst into his office and gift him with something while he was working…

A Surprising Letter

As soon as Apollo walked in, the waiter informed him that he had a letter for him that he wanted to read immediately away. The letter’s contents were clearly known to the staff member, and Apollo was eager to find out what was within. The owner snatched the envelope from the hands of his waiter, eager to know what was inside. However, the contents of the gift as soon as he opened it astounded him…

It was worth $50!

Apollo was taken aback when he opened the package and saw £40 (approximately $50) in notes tumble out onto his desk. The owner told Gazette Live, “We open the envelope, there’s some money.” Tom, Alex, and Harry, the three men who had fled the restaurant just days previously, had sent the money. Apollo was surprised by what he had received, but he was even more surprised when he opened the package and discovered a message within…

They Apologized

When Apollo started reading the letter, it was clear that all three of the pals were sincerely apologetic for leaving the restaurant without paying for their meals. One of them replied, “It is my companions’ and [my] heartfelt apologies…we neglected to pay our bill.” “It was uncharacteristic of us, which is why we are so sorry.” Apollo, on the other hand, had reservations about their sincerity. They went on to explain the events of the day…

They had intended to pay.

Despite the fact that they had not specified that they intended to pay for their food that day, the three buddies persuaded Apollo that they did. They were simply short on funds. They insisted on paying with a credit card, but the eatery only accepts cash. This explains why they remained silent when they left the eatery. They were in desperate need of cash and were seeking a way to get it. Things, however, did not go as planned…

They were on the lookout for an ATM.

After discovering from the server that the restaurant does not accept credit cards, the three companions decided to sprint out and find the nearest ATM machine. They even claimed to have struck an agreement with one of the workers to go out and get money from a machine and return as soon as possible. They claimed, “We then exited Kilimanjaros to commence on a hunt.” Despite their best efforts, they were forced to shift their attention elsewhere…

A Ride To Remember

The three friends noticed the last train back home was about to leave despite spending the next half hour looking for an ATM. “This took our concentration away from finding an A.T.M. machine, and we ran down to the train station, barely missing our train,” they wrote. The party discovered they had failed to pay the check at that point. Unfortunately, they were thousands of miles away from Middlesbrough at the time, and it was too late…

Not from the neighborhood

They were drafting a letter to Apollo rather than returning to the restaurant to pay him in person because they lived in another part of the country. They wouldn’t be able to return to the restaurant and apologize as they had hoped because they weren’t from Middlesbrough. On the other hand, they didn’t know when they’d be back in Kilimandjaro, so they wanted to pay them as soon as possible…

They Admired the Dining Room

While Apollo was humbled by the group’s explanation, it wasn’t the only thing they told him. Tom, Alex, and Harry also expressed their desire to give Kilimandjaro a five-star rating because of their positive experience there. They promised to leave a positive review on TripAdvisor as soon as possible. He was stumped after he finished reading the letter and set it on his desk…

Humanity’s Faith in Us Is Restored

Apollo was “completely gobsmacked” after reading the post, according to Apollo. “When we first received the letter, it was extremely, truly startling [and] shocking,” he said. In the owner’s opinion, it was unbelievable that individuals could still do such things. “I thought those kinds of people had vanished from the earth,” he remarked. Despite hailing from the “Land of Honest Individuals,” Apollo has come to believe that there are honest people everywhere.

Is it true that they have returned?

Even if Apollo’s confidence in humanity was restored by the letter, there is no evidence that the three friends ever met him on Kilimandjaro. They did, however, appear to be true to their word, leaving a five-star review on TripAdvisor. “I would strongly recommend it to anyone in the area and would most certainly return if I ever found myself in Middlesbrough again,” they added. Returning for more Waka Waka chicken, on the other hand, would have been a waste of time…

No Longer Available

Tom, Alex, and Harry’s arduous trek back to Middlesbrough seemed to have been in vain. This is because Apollo’s restaurant has been permanently shuttered since the tragedy. The reason for the restaurant’s closure is unknown, although other locations around the country appear to be operating normally. In any case, Apollo seemed to have gained a great deal of inspiration from that amazing letter, and his life has only improved since then…

I’m grateful.

Apollo had no choice except to shut down his company, and he was understandably sad. The businessman, on the other hand, appeared to have returned to the scene quickly. Apollo was busy uploading photographs of himself and his family to the internet just days after getting the terrible news. He commented on one of the photos in which he was driving his car with two simple words: “Feeling blessed.”

There’s nowhere else to go but up.

While Tom, Alex, and Harry will not be able to thank Apollo in person at his restaurant, they will be relieved to learn that he is happy and successful. Not only is the businessman the chairman of Thornaby FC, a soccer team, but he also produces his own sauce. Apollo has made connections with well-known soccer players as a result of his recent commercial activities. One thing is certain: this enterprising man appears to be on the verge of a bright future.

He Is Devoted To His Family

Apollo’s biggest incentive for succeeding in business is to provide for his family. He also desires for happiness for his partner and children, as well as for his offspring to be as driven as he is. We are convinced that after hearing stories like this, they will grow up to follow in their father’s footsteps. Just wait till you see what follows…

Jackie and her husband were having problems in their relationship. Jackie had recently given birth to their third child, and this was the first opportunity for the entire family to eat together. So they went out to eat with their three children in the expectation of having a good, quiet evening. They had no idea that their waitress would have such a profound impact on the rest of their evening…

With Her Back to You

When Jacie came from the restroom, she saw something that made her blood boil instantaneously. She raced back to her family’s table, only to be confronted with a nasty surprise.

Tears welled Up

She made every effort not to lose her cool in the restaurant since she didn’t want to make a scene. But it didn’t take long for her to realize she couldn’t fight back the tears any longer. On the other hand, Jackie was fully aware that she needed to act. She wanted to know more about what was going on as well. She urged her husband to show her, but things became even worse when he handed her the letter…


Jackie Johnson-Smith knew how difficult it was to be a mother. Being a wife and mother of three children is a significant duty that many people underestimate. However, nothing had prepared her for the one hand she had to deal with while eating supper at a neighborhood eatery in Des Moines, Iowa.

Creating a Scene

Jackie applauded the waitress’s guts in serving them. How could she conceive of writing her husband a letter, especially behind his back? As she read the note, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. This was also one of the reasons tears welled up in our eyes.

Not To Be Messed With

Jackie had served in the United States Army and had a rough posture and disposition. People were well aware of the importance of not trampling on her or causing her any discomfort. Jackie had experienced a lot in her life up to this moment. She also believed that her life experiences had turned her into the woman and mother she is now. She was dead set on being the best mother she could be, and nothing or no one was going to stop her.

A Veteran of the War

Despite the fact that she had survived countless army drills and other adversities, something this waitress did leave a lasting impression on her. How could this waitress imagine that smuggling another woman’s husband was acceptable? Jackie’s husband was taken aback when he realized that such a trivial issue had caused his wife to cry.

Not so enticing

Parents are well aware that raising children is one of the most arduous tasks in the world, particularly while they are young and require a lot of attention. Moms must also deal with the exhaustion and chaos that come with having children. Regardless, Jackie strives to present herself in the best possible light, not only for her husband but also for herself.

He drew a lot of interest.

Jackie, of course, had feelings for her husband from the first time they met. Jackie was well aware of her husband’s attractiveness, and she was also aware that she was not alone in her assessment. That, on the other hand, was never a source of concern for her. However, she could feel her fury increasing when she observed the waiter staring at her husband on this particular day.

Turning a Blind Eye

Jackie couldn’t stop thinking about the years she’d spent with her spouse. Things change with time, and although though they were going through a terrible time at the moment, their primary responsibility was to their three beautiful children. Nothing else mattered to them.

Feeling uneasy?

Jackie had many misgivings and was concerned about her marriage. She pondered her own self-doubts and the necessity of confronting oneself. She tried to disregard such sensations, but it appeared as if there was a legitimate reason for her unease. Is it possible that today has added fuel to the fire?

Taking The Whole Family Out

Jackie and her husband Tom realized it had been a long time since they had gone on a date night. Instead, they decided to treat the whole family to a meal. What could be more satisfying than a tasty pizza from their neighborhood pizzeria? They only wanted to unwind and spend quality time with each other.

A Newborn’s First Year

As soon as they sat down at the restaurant, the baby began crying violently. Jackie figured her baby was hungry, so she sat down at their table to nurse her. She could sense people were talking and glancing at their tables. What was even more perplexing was their waitress’s attitude toward her…

Support Is Required

There are just too many things on which you will be judged once you become a mother. But in life, you can’t please everyone. People believe they have the right to criticize others at any time, and Jackie was no exception while out eating pizza with her family. When a mother lowers her shirt to nurse her child, people stare and gasp. Jackie has had way too many instances of this since she breastfed her other two children.

A Mother who is Proud of Her Children

Jackie was the type of person who didn’t give a damn what other people thought or said about her. And she had no intention of letting her child’s appearance dissuade her from breastfeeding. This specific waitress, on the other hand, bothered Jackie on this particular day. This was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was, though.

They Have All Eyes On Them

After having two previous children, Jackie was used to people criticizing her life choices. She, too, quit caring about breastfeeding in public a long time ago. People mumbled under their breath from time to time, but she simply ignored them and went about her task.

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