After a kind barber gives him a stunning makeover, a homeless man reunites with his long-lost family.

Joo Coelho Guimares had been living on the streets of Goiânia, Brazil, for three years when he approached a barbershop and requested a razor to cut his beard. Joo needed more than just a beard trim, so the barbers went above and above, giving him a complete makeover.

When Joo initially arrived at the barbershop, the employees offered him food, but he politely rejected it, refusing to accept charity. The crew didn’t give up, and Joo walked out with a beard trim, a new haircut, new clothes, a jacket, and a pair of shoes in the end. He appeared to be a different person!

before and after of man getting a makeover

Photos of Joo’s metamorphosis were posted on the barbershop’s website, and they rapidly went viral. They soon arrived at Maria Coelho, Joo’s sister, who had been searching for him for ten years!

Maria instantly contacted the barbershop, hoping that they could assist her in reuniting with her brother. The barbershop was delighted to help and arranged a surprise reunion.

man reuniting with his family

When Joo returned to the barbershop, he was surprised to find his family waiting for him with open arms. After ten years apart, the family members hugged, sobbed, and savored every moment.

They questioned a barbershop employee, Alessandro, why Joo had left his house in the first place in an interview with Bored Panda, but he stated he had never asked. “I didn’t want to delve into why he left home,” he explained, “but he must have his reasons, and our intention was just to offer him a little respect at the time.”

man posing for his after photo

Padoo’s staff provided him with dignity, but they also provided him with so much more by reuniting him with his family. Maria offered to let Joo live with her and stay at her house, but he declined, claiming that the streets were where he felt most at ease. Maria respected his decision, but she would do everything to ensure that they never lost touch again.

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