After a lifetime of ‘poor and loneliness,’ a female police officer consoles an old man in his dying days.

“You can see a caring granddaughter cuddling her beloved grandfather as he lies in a frail state in a hospital bed in this photograph.

The truth is that this woman is a police officer who met Bob while on duty barely two years ago. Officer Dena Walker Pauly of the Lawrenceville Police Department’s life was drastically transformed when she was summoned to a small pawn shop, where the staff was unclear on how to aid him.

Bob has had a difficult life. He’s been alone since childhood and has no known relatives. He spent most of his life on the streets, and a stroke rendered him speechless. His life is a collection of sad tales linked by poverty and loneliness.

My wonderful friend came to the pawn shop unsure how to help Bob, but she realized he needed assistance and volunteered to drive him home to show her what he needed. When she saw Bob’s living quarters, she was shocked.

My blue sister may have been summoned by police radio that day, but I am convinced God truly sent her. She addressed Bob’s awful living conditions immediately, teaching him basic skills like throwing trash in the trash can rather than on the floor. She makes sure he has food and cleans his modest apartment regularly.

She eventually obtained a Power of Attorney for Bob’s medical care and received it. Bob and Dena have been worried about him since he was admitted to the hospital in May, and today was a big day for them.

Dena made the difficult decision to commence hospice care for Bob during my lunch hour at Eastside Medical Center. She clutched his hand and again expressed her love for him. It’s entirely probable that she is the first person to say those things to this sad man.

Today, we held Bob’s hands and prayed for him. We wanted to ensure he understood how much God loves him and how many people love him.

I’ve never been more proud of a friend than Dena Walker Pauly today. Saying farewell to Bob is difficult for her. Because I know it’s true, I told him he’d transformed her life forever. She informed me last week that it worries her to think of Bob being dumped after he passes away, so I contacted Tom M Wages Funeral Service, and Tommy offered his services without hesitation. Dena is relieved that she can keep Bob with her after he’s gone. Tommy, thank you so much for the present.

I can’t wait for Bob to see Heaven for the first time, as awful as it is to say goodbye. His existence on Earth has been so difficult. Please continue to pray for Bob and Dena in the following days, as we trust God to do what is best for him.

Please remember to pray for police officers as well. The actual nature of law enforcement officers is depicted in this photograph. We are drawn to this field because we are concerned. We care so much that it sometimes hurts. We see the worst, but we also see the greatest on occasion. And we have the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Shannon Volkodav

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