After delivering ten boys, this 39-year-old mother finally gives birth to a tiny girl.

After giving birth to her 11th kid, a girl, the first mother in the United Kingdom to give birth to ten boys in a row, is no longer the sole girl in her house.

When Alexis Brett found out she was expecting a daughter, she couldn’t believe it.

Alexis and her husband David had driven 50 miles to a clinic that could tell her the gender right away because they couldn’t wait till the baby was born.

“I was expecting news that we were expecting another boy. “However, when I realized it was a girl, my face was a picture,” she told the publication The Mirror.

The 39-year-old mother, who lives in the Scottish Highlands with her 44-year-old train driver husband David, said she was “over the moon” with her little bundle of joy, Cameron.

“I was taken aback but overjoyed. She told the Mirror, “Now that she’s here with us, it’s a beautiful sensation.”

Cameron has ten brothers, ranging in age from 2 to 17, who are on the lookout for her.

“They’ve been much better behaved around her,” David added, “trying to be quiet, so they don’t wake her up.”

“They also want to assist in holding and feeding her, which is fantastic.”

Does 49 loads of laundry every week

Alexis says she would have preferred her 11th child to be a male because she considers all boys “special.”

“We get questioned a lot if we have so many kids because we were hoping for that one special girl.” No, I’m afraid I “I was thrilled even if Cameron wasn’t planned,” she said.

Although three boys are running around the house, Alexis is a neat freak who does 49 loads of laundry per week and vacuums every day.

“We’re definitely coming to a halt right now,” Alexis says. “There won’t be any more.” That’s something I’ve stated before, but this time I mean it. As it stands now, I adore my family.

“I had no intention of having a large family, but now that I do, I enjoy it.”

Alexis, a part-time fitness instructor, said she’s having a lot of fun for the first time purchasing pink items.

What are your thoughts on having so many sons? I can’t imagine the daily chores that must be completed.

Would you please help us celebrate the birth of this lovely baby girl, as well as all the other newborns who complete their family’s lives?