After diving out of the drive-thru window and saving a child, a Chick-fil-A employee has been called a hero.

Logan, 19, was doing his regular shift when a distraught mother approached him, pleading for assistance. He jumped out the window like a hero to save her small kid.

Fast-food employees go above and above for their consumers. It’s not enough to serve delicious cuisine and provide friendly service to diners; an employee may be forced to do much more when duty calls.

Logan Simmons, a 19-year-old Chick-fil-A manager, had a chance to be a hero during his shift, and he took it. A car pulled up to the drive-thru window with a six-year-old child inside while working there.

Logan knew he had to act quickly when the child’s mother begged for assistance.


The mother was in the car with her child, and the seatbelt was over her child’s neck. There was nothing else on Logan’s mind but to get to that car as quickly as possible.


As a result, he leaped through the drive-thru window and dashed to his car.

Logan Simmons discusses why he chose this particular path.

He describes his story to WSB-TV 2 as follows:

“I just leaped out of the window and dashed down to the automobile…

I believe it was the most reasonable alternative. It was right there, and I could see the other automobile.”


When he expresses it that way, it appears rational and courageous. He was devoted entirely to assisting this child.

Simmons, fortunately, was well prepared for the occasion.

He was able to intervene since he was carrying a pocketknife rapidly. Simmons might cut the little child free from his terrible entanglement by taking it from his pocket. His quick thinking and preparation were critical at the time, making him a hero.


All of this occurred without any formal instruction. Simmons attributes his ability to handle high-stress situations to his activities. He believes that what he did that day was entirely automatic, along with his capacity to deal with stress.

He didn’t seem to want to make a big deal out of the fact that he saved someone’s life that day.


Logan didn’t feel the need to brag about his heroism, even though he practically saved someone’s life. As his mother puts it,

“After a couple of hours at home, he casually said, ‘I saved a kid’s life today,’ and I was like, ‘What?'”

Logan Simmons’ bravery was captured on surveillance cameras at Chick-fil-A.

People from all across the world have reacted to his bravery.


Some are utilizing this opportunity to highlight Chick-fil-outstanding A’s customer service:

“Chik fil has unrivaled customer service.”


Others, on the other hand, are grateful that people like Simmons exist:

“Way to go, Logan!” exclaims the crowd. More people like you are needed!! God’s blessings!”

Logan is now unquestionably a hero.


In the heat of the moment, he may not have wanted to accept it, but what he did for that woman and child was a heroic deed. His ability to think that child’s life is that child’s life and set a wonderful example for everyone who witnessed it.

See how he did it in the video below!

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