After finding a notebook with plans for a school massacre, a mother hands her teenage son over to the police.

There is ongoing discussion regarding how much duty we have to report those we suspect of committing mass murder, mainly if that person is your child, and whether or not there should be more or less gun regulation.

After finding his intention to carry out a shooting at his high school in his notebook, Nichole Schubert’s teenage son was reported to the police.

She told Good Morning America that as a parent, “your first impulse is to defend your child.” However, I thought that if he were going to do these things, he would be safer in jail.

“Remain in their lane.”

Schubert sat down with GMA to discuss her very challenging choice in 2019.

It was incredibly detailed. Simply put, it was heartbreaking.

While cleaning her home, she discovered a terrifying thing. The notebook that contained her son’s explicit intentions for killing her before attacking his high school in Washington was found by Schubert.

Within a short time, Schubert was speaking to the police on the phone. She wanted to shield her son, but she also wanted to protect the hordes of people her son was going to savage.

The entire school was involved, not just me and him.

When Schubert turned over her son’s notebook to the police, she also told them that her then-17-year-old had previously manufactured what she thought to be a pipe bomb.

To the mother who reported her son, who was preparing for a large-scale shooting at his school: BRAVO…

Although it was challenging, you saved lives…

— Chris Milton, July 21, 2022 (@fatherofballers)

The teen was detained and entered a guilty plea to both misdemeanor and felony charges. He received a psychiatric assessment, finished a recovery program, and performed community service.

Schubert has a message for all parents following the surrender of her son to law enforcement.

Be vigilant and look out for indications. Kids typically show you when something is wrong by their actions.

The video below has the complete interview with her.

Though it took a lot of guts, consider how many lives she spared by turning in her son.

This is an excellent reminder to be on the lookout and report anyone we suspect of acting suspiciously, including family members.

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