After life support is turned off, a 7-month-old boy whose aunt’s boyfriend was assaulted refuses to pass away.

Little Bobby endured four hours of beatings and torment. His injuries were so severe that he needed to be kept alive by a ventilator, but eventually, doctors advised his parents to switch it off. But when they did, Bobby didn’t give up and has since been beating the odds! Never give up, tiny one!

All Berry and Elsie Webber wanted from their honeymoon was to enjoy each other’s company. They felt secure knowing their kids were in the capable aunt’s care, who would keep a close eye on them. They did not anticipate the aunt’s longtime lover doing the unthinkable. Bobby, a 7-month-old baby, was brutally tormented and battered, leaving him fighting for his life by an evil man named Andrew Nolan. Elsie’s sister was out playing with the other children when the incident happened.

The four-hour assault was extremely violent. Little Bobby had multiple skull fractures, a vertebral fracture, damaged genitalia, and bite marks all over his tiny body when he was brought to the hospital.

The medical professionals gave Bobby a terrible prognosis and gave him life support. They suggested that the parents turn off their son’s ventilator and let him go.

The Webbers decided to follow that advice, but Bobby remained breathing independently when the life support was switched off.

Was it an act of God? Most definitely. Everyone was shocked when they realized the brave young boy was prepared to engage in combat.

Bobby continues to try to live his life as fully as he can today, four years after the terrible occurrence. He has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and eyesight loss due to his injuries, but that doesn’t stop him from fighting.

Everything Bobby accomplishes “really amazes my mind,” his mother told Daily Mail Australia.

Bobby “The Brave” defeated all odds.

“The continual position switching is the hardest part. He depends on us to help him because he can’t sit up or crawl to go to where he wants to be, Elsie said.

“It doesn’t stop. When Bobby wakes up, there will be a lot of lifting. He receives his first dose of medication, and we work to have him switched. He is now being trained to use the toilet, so we take him there. But what’s impressive is that he’s almost entirely potty trained.

“It is truly one of his most significant accomplishments, drastically altering our family dynamic. We were assured that he wouldn’t ever accomplish any of these things, yet now he is. Additionally, he has epilepsy that is in remission.

Bobby’s epilepsy is in remission, and he participates in social activities. He currently engages in Liberty Allstars cheerleading every Sunday, where he can interact and have a good time with other children with special needs.

He now gets the chance to participate in a sport, and, according to Elise, he doesn’t feel different.

“He doesn’t have a stigma, and he finds great satisfaction in being at Liberty, participating in events, and hearing cheers from everyone for an accomplishment he is pleased with. It has been fantastic for his bodily awareness.

“The supportive environment for me, Bobby, and Olivia is a blessing. He honestly responds so beautifully to music. In that gym, some individuals were previously total strangers but are now loved ones.

The Bobby story is both tragic and uplifting. He deserves all the acclaim for never giving up despite the difficulties.

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