After Nearly 50 Years of Marriage, a Couple Was Lying in Bed One Evening, When the Wife Felt Her Husband Begin to Massage Her

An almost 50-year-old couple was lying in bed when the husband began doing something that surprised the wife. She felt his arm on her body as if he were ready to massage her.

He continued to touch her from the neck down her back. He moved on to her shoulders and tummy after that.

As her husband continued to move his hand down the side of her body, down her buttock, and finally down her inner leg, the wife felt good.

Then he repeated the process on the opposite side of her body. It was a fantastic massage.

He abruptly stopped and turned around while carefully placing his hand towards the most sensitive region of her body. He said nothing to his wife, who was quite excited. “Honey, that was truly fantastic; why did you stop?” she exclaimed, startled by his behaviour even more. “Because I found the remote control I was looking for,” the husband said.

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