After the mother tries to elude a swooping magpie, the baby dies and says, “Our whole world has been gone from us.”

A mother was holding a 5-month-old baby girl when she slipped and fell, crouching to avoid an aggressive swooping magpie. The baby girl perished as a result.

It occurred while mother Simone was wearing her infant daughter Mia in a baby carrier park in Queensland, Australia.

Baby Mia suffered fatal injuries from her mother’s trip and fell when she dove into dodging the magpie flying toward her.

Baby Mia passed away in “an utter awful and abrupt accident,” according to her father, Jacob, who called the emergency services and had her taken to the hospital.


According to Mia’s father, Jacob, his daughter “brought joy to everyone’s life with her infectious grin, pure innocence, and charming giggle.”

He said that we had lost our entire world, and the sorrow we were going through was unbearable. We are appreciative of the most priceless gift we have ever received.

The Daily News reported that because magpies are a protected species and cannot be killed, the one that resided in the city’s Glindemann Park in Holland Park was taken out and released into the wild.

Over a foot long, the birds are known to vigorously guard their nests during the breeding season, swooping and attacking any intruders.


No words could adequately express the suffering Mia’s parents were going through, according to a GoFundMe established to support the family, which has so far generated more than $100,000.

The organizers said, “This terrible world struck a blow no one could ever anticipate.” “In a split second, breaking everyone’s hearts and destroying [her parents’] Jacob and Simone’s life, where no day would ever be the same. The suffering Jacob and Simone are going through are beyond words.

Beautiful Mia, only five months old, developed her tiny angel wings and left this world for good. She instantly broke everyone’s hearts and destroyed Jacob and Simone’s entire world.


According to, Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner stated the baby’s death “has shaken the community to the absolute core.” “No one wants to see this happen; it has never happened before, and we want to ensure that it never does again.

“Life in Australia is characterized by swooping magpies. There aren’t many individuals in Brisbane who haven’t had a magpie swoop them at some point in their lives, according to Schrinner.

“At the majority of stages, they’re fairly modest. However, this circumstance has never occurred in Brisbane before. We want this to be the last because it’s the first.

My sympathy is extended to Mia’s family. Peace be with you, tiny one.

As they make their way through this terrible period, I send them my love and support.

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