After visiting a friend’s memorial to leave a teddy bear, a survivor of the Uvalde Massacre experiences a cardiac arrest.

Illiana Trevio, who presented a teddy bear and flowers to her best friend’s memorial when her pulse rate suddenly spiked, was taken to the hospital.

Amerie Jo Garza, one of the children killed at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, was her closest friend.

Illiana currently suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and avoids going to school because she feels unsafe doing so.

Ameria, a little child, was killed while dialing 911 to request assistance for some of her classmates.

According to her father, all we want is for everyone to be aware that our girl lost her life while attempting to save her friends.

Illiana almost died from a heart attack while visiting the memorial for her dearest friend. She was taken emergency-room-style. According to her mother, Jessica Trevio, “Her heart can’t take the pain.”

We can now clearly observe the impact this tragedy has on our neighborhood. Before the disaster, the young girl’s heart was in perfect health, but now it is pretty frail.

Her mother responded, “We need to mend a damaged heart.” While battling severe stress and post-traumatic stress disorder, she started a GoFundMe to pay for her daughter’s medications.

The mother said, “Her body was reacting to the shock and was about to collapse.” She recognized her face on the television and realized that her best friend had passed away.

I tried to console Illiana as she began to cry and weep, the mother claimed.

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One of the victims of the Uvalde shooting was a Texas sheriff deputy’s 10-year-old daughter.

One of the children killed in the Uvalde incident was the daughter of a Texas sheriff’s deputy. When Felix Rubio learned that his daughter was one of the casualties, his response was captured on camera.

He was seen comforting his wife after learning that his cherished 10-year-old daughter Lexi had passed away.

Their sorrow was visible on their faces. Tragically, just hours earlier, Felix Rubio, the father, had uploaded a picture of himself and his daughter, expressing his pride. Lexi was delighted to receive a certificate.

She received the citizen award at the ceremony in addition to being an All-A-Honor student. Felix expressed his wish that his daughter was more than a number. This is sufficient; nobody other needs to go through this. My daughter’s name shouldn’t be confused with other people’s names.

Her mother characterized Lexi as sweet, caring, and a life-appreciating individual. To help her parents through this incredibly trying time, a GoFundMe campaign was started.

The mother of the 18-year-old who murdered the kids in Texas is horrified by the incident and unsure of what is happening.

She implores the kids to pardon her and her son. She believes that her shame had his motives for this crime while not knowing the precise reason. According to the Daily Mail, she also claims to have a toxic relationship with him.

She did not have a strong bond with her son, and the latter had a dying grandma. She begs them to pardon her son since she is so heartbroken about the deaths of the kids. Ramos’ mother claims to CNN that her son was not an aggressive child.

She also emphasizes the fact that she did not have a drug addiction. She and her son last spoke a week ago on his birthday. He received a birthday gift from her.

He first hurt his granny. The claim that he said this to a 15-year-old he knew online is untrue. Additionally, he had told her about the event at Robb Elementary School.

Salvador Ramos killed 19 fourth pupils and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, for reasons that are still unknown. Before entering the school, he killed his grandmother, then shot pupils at random.

On May 16, Ramos—who had just turned 18—purchased two AR-15 rifles and 300 rounds of ammo.

After arguing with his mother about turning off the Wi-Fi, he moved in with his grandparents.

Rolando claims that his grandfather was unaware that Ramos was armed. Ramos would occasionally go to work and assist him, he revealed. He was reserved and skipped school the previous year.

While Ramos was escaping in his grandmother’s car, a neighbor called Rolando to inform him that his wife had been shot.

Police shot and killed Ramos. Despite having been shot in the head, his grandmother is currently healing in the hospital.

Ramos got the firearms he used from a nearby Daniel Defense dealer after placing an internet order.

In Texas, a strange thing happened. The governor revealed the awful incident that occurred at an elementary school. Nineteen children and 2 teachers were killed when an 18-year-old guy discharged a gun.

There are numerous additional sick children. Whether or not there will be further casualties is not yet known for sure. Investigators claim that he first killed his grandma.

Outside the university, the 18-year-old shooter had already begun to fire. Teachers and pupils entered quickly, terrified. Police made an effort to get there as soon as they could.

Salvador Ramos, who attended Uvalde High School, has been identified as the student. This crime shocked and grieved everyone. He drove up to the university.

Then, after leaving the automobile outside the school, he entered with a pistol and a smaller weapon in hand. He murdered 2 instructors and 19 children. However, the firearms the teen was carrying have not yet been confirmed.

The announcement was tweeted by the nation’s governor, who afterward shared it with many other countries. The murderer, who was 18 years old, committed a terrible act.

Investigators discovered the grandma of the adolescent had passed away. This awful and terrifying incident shouldn’t have occurred. “Scary and nasty,” said Mayor Wald of the incident.

According to authorities and school administrators, shots were heard outside during school hours. It is prohibited to leave the school grounds for this purpose.

Everyone fled inside when they heard gunfire because they were alarmed. The parents of the kids were then informed. After killing the kids, the teenager also killed himself.

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