Amber Heard Talks About Her Poverty and Unemployment

Amber Heard was ordered by a Virginia court to pay her ex-husband Johnny Depp over $10 million on Thursday in a high-profile defamation case that exposed the specifics of their turbulent marriage. Amber Heard has now contested the ruling.

Heard’s attorneys presented documents in Fairfax County Circuit Court, where a six-week trial featured powerful testimony from both Heard and Depp.

Heard intends to appeal both the verdict and any subsequent rulings made by the judge, such as denying Heard’s move to vacate the judgment, dismiss the case, or order a new trial, as stated in the petition to the Virginia court of appeals.

“We believe the court made a mistake that prevented an equitable, fair decision in conformity with the first amendment. We are appealing the judgment. As a result, a Heard spokeswoman stated in a statement. Even though we know that today’s filing will light up Twitter, there are actions we must take to guarantee justice and fairness.

Depp sued Heard for libel after she described herself as “a public figure embodying domestic abuse” in an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post in December 2018.

Although Depp was never mentioned by name in the article, his lawyers asserted that it was libelous. Heard asserted in her counterclaims that Depp’s former counsel defamed her by dismissing her abuse allegations as untrue in front of the general public.

Heard was ordered by the jury to pay Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. A state maximum of $350,000 capped the punitive damages. The jury agreed to resolve Heard’s claims for $2 million.

Heard’s claims that Depp had abused her physically and sexually at least a dozen times were the main focus of the six-week trial’s testimony. Heard was the abuser, according to Depp, and he had never hit her.

The jury, according to a statement from a Depp spokesman, “listened to the extensive evidence offered during the six-week trial and came to a clear and unanimous verdict that the defendant herself defamed Mr. Depp on multiple occasions.” “We still feel that our case and this ruling will be upheld.”

She was unemployed and living in poverty, according to Amber Heard. The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial began as a libel lawsuit but at the end of the live event,

Amber was on the unpopular side of a vote on post-MeToo gender dynamics when the incident became a popular cultural issue.

She lost her work as a result, and by the time the case was over, she had no money left. What she intends to do moving forward, and how exactly she got into this situation.

After a jury found the actress Amber Heard guilty of defaming her ex-husband Johnny Depp, she might damage her career and declare bankruptcy.

She looks to be making financial sacrifices to pay her ex-husband Johnny Depp the $8.4 million in damages she owes him.

On Thursday, the Aquaman actor was spotted doing some shopping at TJ Maxx, an inexpensive store with a presence in the Hamptons.

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