An 8-year-old boy was abandoned at a fuel station with a note stating that he was too bad to be cared for.

“You create issues every day. Please forgive me, child, “The note continued.

Warning: This story contains details of abuse that may upset some readers.

A helpless boy was discovered alone, with only a note from his mother revealing that she had abandoned him because he was troublesome. The young boy was reportedly too disruptive and causing issues for the family, prompting the mother to leave her child by the side of the road in Pelalawan, Indonesia.

Residents noticed the youngster clutching the message his mother penned while sitting at the petrol station and thought it odd that he was alone there so late at night. According to The Sun, the toddler was brought to a neighboring village before the police were called and informed about the abandoned boy.

The farewell message the mother penned for the youngster before abandoning him to his fate was written in the letter. The note said, “Child, please forgive me.” “I’m obliged to abandon you on the street because I can no longer bear seeing you suffer or be tortured due to your mischief; you make difficulties every day. Please pardon me, youngster. Don’t forget to look for yourself.”

One look at the youngster was enough to make one suspect he had been abused. He had marks around his mouth and a cut on his cheek when he was discovered. According to local sources, the boy’s father was the one who physically abused him, and this could be the torment the mother was alluding to in the letter.

According to a translated version of a Gridstar report, the events that led to the boy’s abandonment began at home when his father returned home from work to find that two of his children appeared to have been beaten up. When the father inquired about it, the children informed him that their brother, later abandoned for his “mischief,” had beaten them up.

The father then became enraged and began brutally abusing the youngster. “The attacker punched the victim’s left little finger. The victim was already screaming, but the culprit continued to use pliers to squeeze the victim’s little and ring fingers, “According to Gridstar, Pelalawan Iptu Police Public Relations Officer Edy Haryanto told

The father threatened to cut off the child’s leg and torment him until the boy’s mother intervened. The boy was supposedly taken by the mother, who had divorced the father, and she wanted to discard him. “The victim was taken away by the mother and abandoned in Palas Village, Pangkalan Kuras District,” Edy said. The note was eventually discovered at a gas station in the boy’s hand.

According to, while the police were investigating, the boy’s parents were summoned for interrogation. “Today, his parents, family, the leader of the RT / RW, and all relevant parties were summoned by the Pangkalan Kuras Police to be examined,” Edy added. “The goal is to determine whether the child was dumped and harmed by his parents.”

Edy also stated, “There are indications that the youngster has been subjected to violence. However, we need to learn more about the context and why things happened the way they did.”

To get to the bottom of the case, investigations are still ongoing.

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