Appreciate All The Blessings In Your Life

“Sometimes we don’t
realize the blessings we
have until we no longer
have them. Appreciate all
the blessings in your life,
take none for granted.”

“God has blessed me
with an amazing family,
friends and work colleagues
that have been my joy, my
support, and my sanity.
I don’t know what I’d do
without them.”
– Josie Loren

“I’m blessed and
I thank God for
every day for
everything that
happens for me.”
-Lil Wayne

“Sometimes we must
look outside our own
backyards to realize how
big the world is and how
blessed we are.”
-Eugene Nathaniel Butler

“I believe the ability to think is
blessed. If you can think about
a situation, you can deal with it.
The big struggle is to keep your
head clear enough to think.”
– Richard Pryor

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