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As they follow a girl and her alleged father, teenagers notice something isn’t quite right.

An average evening with some friends turned into one to remember. In an underground parking garage in Calgary, four Canadian teenagers had organized a skating session. They were about to leave when they noticed something that seemed suspicious.

It Was Just Another Day

In a parking garage, four adolescents were having a blast skating. Because it was late, they decided to go. They came across something that made them stop in their tracks on their way out. They decided to investigate the situation…

Just An Ordinary Day

An Unexpected Turn of Events

They noticed a young girl and two older males walking out of the parking garage as they were leaving. They were walking over the lawn, heading towards the parking garage. Something seemed to be bothering the girl.

A Turn Of Events

What exactly was going on?

The adolescent girl was behaving strangely and disorderly when one of the older males grabbed her by the shoulders. He was just behind her, strolling extremely close to her. After then, it appeared as if they were aware that they were being observed.

What Was Going On?

The Situation Was Getting Worse

One of the skateboarders, Carsyn Wright, remembered the girl shouting and yelling. He stated that he could tell she was desperate to leave. The youths decided to confront the elder males at this moment.

The Situation Was Escalating

Was That Enough To Make You Suspect?

Despite the fact that the circumstance appeared weird, the boys were unconcerned about it being a compromising situation. They needed to figure out what was going on, and they hoped the men could explain it to them.

Was That Enough To Raise Suspicion?

Their explanation was reasonable.

The larger of the two males explained that he was the girl’s father when confronted. Perhaps her father was concerned because the girl appeared to have been drinking. She was far too young to be consuming alcohol.

Their Explanation Made Sense

The lads made the decision to take a step back.

The boys backed off after learning that one of the men was the girl’s father. Her father’s displeasure was understandable given her current position. She didn’t ask for assistance and neither did she contradict the man.

The Boys Decided To Back Off

Something wasn’t quite right.

They exchanged a glance to indicate that it was time to let go. Although the guys were apprehensive, everything appeared to be in order. Was it, however, successful? Although the story appeared to be rational, something didn’t feel quite right.

Something Didn’t Seem Right

It’s time to return home.

It was becoming late, so the boys needed to depart. With their skateboards in hand, they began their journey home. They ignored the nagging suspicion that something was wrong because the man appeared honest enough and the girl never disagreed.

Time To Go Home

Were the lads overly trusting?

The girl appeared to have had too much to drink, but was that truly the case? The more the boys discussed it, the more questions arose. Should they have put their faith in those men so quickly?

Were The Boys Being Too Trusting?

Is He Her Father or Not?

The man claiming to be the girl’s father appeared to be exceedingly confident, if not arrogant. Would a distraught parent treat his small daughter in this manner? The boys then remembered a minor detail that made them feel uneasy.

Was He Really Her Father?

That Uneasy Feeling Wouldn’t Dissipate

The girl appeared scruffy, unclean and shaken as if she’d been fighting with someone for a long time. The lads witnessed one of the men picking her up over his shoulder as they went away.

That Uneasy Feeling Just Wouldn't Go Away

The young lady was attempting to resist.

As the man carried her like a bag of potatoes, the boys saw the girl try to resist. Should they return to assist her? Every instinct told them that she needed assistance and that they needed to act.

The Girl Was Trying To Resist

It resembled a scene from a film.

The youngsters couldn’t believe what they were seeing as each second passed. This didn’t seem real; it was as if they were watching a movie scene. But something didn’t feel right. Did the girl have any prior acquaintance with these gentlemen?

It Seemed Like A Scene From A Movie

Why Were They Standing Outside The Subway Parking At This Hour?

The boys were attempting to figure out what was going on. Why were these three people walking towards an underground parking garage at this hour? The more inquiries they asked, the more they became convinced that something was wrong.

Why Were They Outside The Underground Parking At This Time?

The lads made the decision to return.

The boys decided to return to see if the girl was indeed in danger. They returned as quickly as they could. They hoped they weren’t too late, but they also hoped they weren’t being overly dramatic.

The Boys Decided To Go Back

They Hadn’t Been Convinced

They weren’t sure if the girl was in danger, but they’d never forgive themselves if she was and they did nothing to aid her. It was worthwhile for them to return and double-check that she was fine.

They Weren’t Convinced

There were no signs of the three.

Outside the parking lot, the boys arrived, but the girl and both men were nowhere to be found. They ultimately realized they had to have gone inside. They hoped for the best because they didn’t want to imagine the worse.

The Three Were Nowhere To Be Seen

The Subterranean Garage

The young men had no idea what they were getting themselves into. In the underground garage beneath Chinook Center, there was definitely more going on than meets the eye. The lads had no idea they were entering Calgary’s underbelly.

The Dark Underground Garage

There was no way out.

There would be no turning back once they entered the underground parking garage. The lads were completely unaware of the developing situation in their neighborhood. Something terrible and dark was going on beneath the posh Chinook shopping center.

There Was No Going Back

A Corrupted And Dark Underworld

Recently, there had been a lot of illegal activity in Southwest Calgary, and officer Arthur Doner was investigating this unexpected increase in crime. He’d been a part of several sting operations, but no leads had emerged as of yet.

A Dark And Corrupt Underworld

Is it possible that it has something to do with gangs?

When the authorities were able to apprehend one member of a rival gang, another two would step in to take his place. Officer Doner had no notion that these youths were about to face the Hydra on their own, without the help of the cops.

Could It Be Gang Related?

Criminal Activity’s Favorite Spot

Because the center’s underground parking lot was dark, it was an ideal location for criminal activity. The security guards had also left for the night, which the guys knew because they had seen them leave earlier.

The Best Place For Criminal Activity

Criminals profited from the situation.

Because the security personnel was not present, kids would sometimes go to the underground parking to get up to mischief. For the same reason, thieves selected this location to carry out their nefarious activities.

Criminals Took Advantage Of The Situation

They Were Caught On Camera By CCTV

Although there are no security officers on duty at night, the subterranean parking lot is monitored by CCTV cameras. The two males were captured on camera walking up and down between the dark parking spaces, hunting for anything.

CCTV Caught Them On Camera

A Secret Hideaway

The girl was still in the company of both males. They appeared to be hunting for a position that was secluded and out of view of the camera. After a few minutes of pacing, it appeared like they had found the location they were looking for.

A Place To Hide

A Dimly Lit Stairwell

One of the men notices a door leading to an isolated stairwell out of the corner of his eye. He was seen escorting the girl inside on CCTV. Then all three of them vanish as the door closes behind them.

A Dark Stairwell

The lads were adamant.

The boys crept into the dimly lit parking garage as quietly as they could. They didn’t want to tell them they were on their way in case these individuals were harmful. There was nowhere to hide that night because it was extremely quiet.

The Boys Were Determined

They made the decision to look into it.

They couldn’t see the girl or the two guys because there weren’t many automobiles around. They continued walking till they came to a door that led to a stairwell. They had no idea they had gone in there as well.

They Decided To Investigate

They were gripped by fear, but that didn’t deter them.

When the boys entered the dark stairwell, they had no idea what to expect. Before Arnaud answered the door, the kids remember giving each other a glance. With that glance, they knew they had to be prepared for anything.

Fear Gripped Them But It Didn’t Stop Them

It had to be now or never.

There was no time to waste because the girl was potentially in grave danger. Arnaud grabbed the handle and flung the door open without hesitation. They peered inside the stairwell and were perplexed and horrified by what they saw.

It Was Now Or Never

Their search resulted in the discovery of the girl.

The boys were eager to find the girl and two males after scouring the subterranean parking garage in between the automobiles. They had a sinking sensation she needed assistance, and they were the only ones who could provide it at this time.

Their Search Led Them To The Girl

They had no idea what was going on because they couldn’t see it.

They had finally discovered them cowering in the stairwell’s shadows. They couldn’t see what was going on well, but they felt something wasn’t right. This could turn out to be far worse than they could have imagined.

They Couldn’t See What Was Going On

They remained undiscovered.

The boys could hear voices but couldn’t see anything, so they slowly approached the noises. What they witnessed had them completely agitated. The only thing they could see in the darkness was the shape of the soldiers.

They Remained Hidden

At this point, they had to follow through.

The kids were terrified, but they overcame their instincts to flee and instead took action. They wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if they left the scene now since the girl would never get the help she clearly needed.

They Had To Follow Through At This Stage

A Startling Finding

When the kids eventually saw all three, they were startled and appalled at what the males were doing to the girl. They eventually stated that they were at a loss for what to do. They were stunned and immobile.

A Shocking Discovery

Getting Caught Red-Handed

It didn’t take long for them to snap out of it and get back to work. They attempted to remove them from her right away. The males were upset to see these boys there, so this was not going to be easy.

Caught Red Handed

The teenagers were completely unaware of who they were up against.

These were kind youngsters who had no idea who they were up against. The larger man didn’t want to make a greater fuss, so he began walking away. His companion paused for a few moments before following suit.

The Teens Had No Idea Who They Were Up Against

An Aggressive Departure

Nimeya recalls one of the older men forcibly pushing him out of the way as they were leaving. He also had a sneer on his face, implying that the guys would be unable to stop them.

An Aggressive Exit

They couldn’t just walk away from it.

The older men naturally intimidated and scared the boys, but they couldn’t let them get away with it. They needed to inform them that what they were doing was wrong and that there would be repercussions.

They Couldn’t Just Let It Go

Now is the time to act.

The teenagers realized they couldn’t allow these men getaway at that point. Three of the youths began chasing the men as they walked away. The other youngster stayed with the girl since she appeared to be shaken.

Time To Take Action

They were quickly catching up.

When the men realized the lads were pursuing them, they began sprinting faster through Calgary’s streets. These youngsters were in great shape and were catching up at a breakneck pace. The men were now stuck with nowhere to go.

They Were Catching Up Fast

Meanwhile, the cops had been informed.

When Officer Doner received the call, he was prepared to act. He got word that one of the individuals he’d been looking for for months had been sighted near the Chinook center, and he wasn’t alone.

In The Meantime The Police Received A Tip Off

The officer arrived in a timely manner.

The cop activated his siren and sped through Calgary’s streets until he arrived at Chinook Center. He knew who he was dealing with, but he had no idea what he was getting himself into, so he radioed for help.

The Officer Arrived Just In Time

He didn’t have to look for long.

He stepped out of his car as soon as he requested backup and went in search of this man. He didn’t have to look for long because he nearly collided with the side of his vehicle.

He Didn’t Need To Search Long

The Gentlemen Were Ready To Fight

The elder man became angry with one of the youths when the boys caught up with the men and felt trapped. He yanked the skateboard from his grip and attempted to use it to injure the child.

The Men Were Prepared To Fight

There was nowhere else to go.

The men were aware that they were imprisoned, but they believed that by utilizing brute force, they might win the battle. They were unconcerned about a gang of skateboarding teenagers. Officer Doner was approaching, which the assailants were unaware of.

There Was Nowhere To Turn

To The Rescue: The Office Doner

The cop arrived just in time to save the boys from danger. In his police car, he went to the site. He jumped out of the car when he realized what was going on and tackled the assailant to the ground.

Office Doner To The Rescue

The Backup Has Arrived

Doner had him cornered. When backup arrived, he proceeded to handcuff the elder man. By that time, the second criminal had made his getaway and was long gone. But what about the young lady and the adolescent who had remained with her?

Backup Finally Arrived

Scared to Death

The three teenagers instinctively fled when they noticed the police car. They were concerned about the girl and wanted to make sure she was safe. They dashed back to the underground parking lot where everything had started.

Running Scared

Finally, she was safe.

One of the boys stayed behind to console the girl and keep her secure until the authorities arrived. The guys were completely unaware that they had just taken on a known gang leader.

She Was Finally Safe

The Cops Took Control

The cops arrived at the location where the girl and her hero were hiding and took control. The boys returned home once they realized the matter was under control and she was safe. That’s when the phone calls started coming in.

The Police Took Over

The Phone Calls Persisted

For days, the phone calls continued, but the lads were afraid to answer because they were terrified of getting into trouble for some reason. Perhaps the cops suspected them of being part of the gang?

The Phone Calls Kept Coming

The ordeal was far from over.

Perhaps the cops keep phoning because they were involved in a fight with the elder man? Why were they making so many calls? There was only one way to find out: answer the calls and deal with the repercussions if any.

The Ordeal Was Not Over Yet

The Police Chief was now involved.

Chief Constable Roger Chaffin was contacting the boys, but they had no idea he was thanking them for their bravery in protecting that girl from those men. The lads were still terrified of being approached by the cops.

The Chief Of Police Was Now Involved

They Overcame Their Fear in the End

The boys finally overcame their nervousness and answered the phone. They were delighted to learn that the chief of police wished to express his gratitude for their bravery on that fatal night. They had assisted in the arrest of a gang member.

They Eventually Put Their Fear Aside

Members of a notorious gang were apprehended.

The individual with whom these youngsters fought was a notorious gang member who had been wanted by the police for years. He was the leader of the FOB gang, which was notorious for its dubious business practices.

Notorious Gang Members Were Arrested

The Offender in Question

His gang was particularly violent, having committed a long number of crimes, including a few killings in the Calgary area. He had been extensively pursued by the police for a long time, but they had been unsuccessful in locating him.

The Criminal In Question

He Eventually Snitched

Officer Doner was fortunate in that after he discovered his man, the gangster was more than eager to reveal and expose data about his gang and the other criminals with whom he was associated.

He Ended Up Snitching

They were given vital information.

This was quite beneficial to the police force. It meant they became much more aware of gang activities in Calgary and were able to arrest considerably more people, thanks in large part to the four skater guys’ actions!

They Got Crucial Information

They’d Been Recognized

The officers were invited to the Chief’s Award Gala by the police department to honor their bravery in the face of extreme peril. The girl’s life had been saved, and the police had a far better handle on the organized crime problem in Calgary as a result of their efforts.

They Were Honored

Heroes of the People

The lads expressed their gratitude for the award by saying that all they wished for was for other people to assist them in their time of need if that was ever necessary. They insisted that they were only following the rules.

Humble Heroes

Young Men Who Inspire

It’s difficult to fathom the emotions the lads must have had during their journey. It would have taken a lot of guts for them to stand up to the gangsters the way they did, especially tracking them down after they fled to ensure that they were found and that justice was served. It’s a very inspirational act of bravery that the rest of the world should take note of.

Inspiring Young Men

That Night, the Boys Became Heroes

If they hadn’t intervened, what would have happened to the girl? The boys shivered at the prospect of what might have happened to them as well. They had no idea who they were dealing with or how dangerous they were at the moment.

The Boys Became Heroes That Night

An Exceptional Display Of Courage

The lads were invited to the Chief’s Award Gala as a thank you for their bravery. They were given a trophy in recognition of their efforts. They expressed their expectation that if any of them were in difficulties, others would do the same.

An Incredible Act Of Bravery

Who Are The Boys?

The bravery of the four lads should be recognized and rewarded. Carsyn Wright, Arnaud Nimenya, James Hielema, and Starlyn Rivas-Perez are their names. The guys merely wanted to skateboard in the parking lot, but they ended up saving the life of a young woman who had been brutally attacked by criminals. As the cops stated, they deserve all the acclaim in the world for their acts, as such bravery in the face of adversity is something that few individuals can match.

Who The Boys Are

The Gala Dinner

A wonderful honor was bestowed upon the lads. The Calgary Police Chief’s Awards Gala is conducted to honor heroic individuals who go above and beyond to assist the community. These individuals demonstrate remarkable behavior, frequently for no personal gain but to be good citizens.

The Gala

Chief of Police of Calgary

At the Gala, Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin presented a speech. He expressed gratitude to the inhabitants of Calgary for their assistance, as well as the lads for their bravery. “Nobody wakes up thinking this is going to happen to them, that they’re going to be a part of one of these things,” he said.

Calgary Police Chief

A Case in Point

Kayla Rose, a New Jersey teenager who resided in the Irvington area, was having a typical morning. She was out on a walk with her dog, Milkshake. Milkshake is a pleasant dog that is a mix of a bichon-frise and a poodle, and Kayla used to walk him before going to Irvington High School. Irvington is a small yet charming city with a population of 54,865.

A Similar Story

Kayla was taken aback.

Walking your dog can be a great way to release stress while also getting some exercise. Pet ownership is touted as one of the most effective ways for people to manage and reduce stress. Kayla, on the other hand, did not have a relaxing day. Kayla was walking her dog around the neighborhood when she noticed a scratching noise coming from a car she had just passed. She was taken aback by this and cautiously asked, ‘hello?’ What happened next astounded her completely.

Kayla Was Shocked

A Voice was heard by her.

When Kayla heard a voice replying to her from inside the automobile, she was taken aback. ‘Is there anyone who can aid me?’ shouted the man. Kayla was terrified, but she knew she had to help the man trapped inside the automobile. She decided to have her mother phone 911, as they would be able to assist the man better than she could. She stayed to see whether they arrived and if they would assist the man inside the car in exiting.

She Heard A Voice

Assisting Him

When the emergency services arrived, some firefighters assisted the man in getting out of the automobile. Using a jimmy, the firefighters broke open the trunk of the car. Finally, they were able to open the trunk and get the man out of the vehicle. He was dressed in a hoodie and sweatpants, and his wrists were secured together with duct tape. He was really terrified but grateful for the men’s assistance.

Helping Him Out

His Absurd Tale

Despite being scared, the man was able to speak with the police after they arrived on the scene. He claimed that he had been carjacked 12 hours earlier the day before and had been forced to spend the night in the car in sub-zero temperatures—it had gotten down to about 10 degrees, and the freezing wind would have made it feel considerably colder for him. This would have been a dreadful situation, and the man was grateful to Kayla for assisting him in escaping.

His Crazy Story

It Was Necessary to Seek Medical Help

The man needed to be transported to the hospital right away because of his time spent inside the automobile, especially because of the frigid circumstances he had suffered while he was tied up inside the trunk. After being let out of his automobile, he was soon rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Kayla’s mother told her that she is a hero and that she most likely saved his life.

Medical Attention Was Necessary

High-crime country

Unfortunately, there is a lot of violent crime in the United States. While it is not the most dangerous country on the planet, it has a much greater rate of violent crime than certain other Western countries, such as Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. This is attributable to a variety of variables, including a higher poverty rate in the United States than in other Western countries, as well as different laws and punishments for violent crime.

High Crime Nation

Harsh Facts in a Beautiful City

Despite its location in one of the most beautiful sections of the United States, Seattle, Washington, has a history of terrible acts of violence. Despite having a population of only 700,000 people, it is the largest city in both the Pacific Northwest and Washington. Here are some of the most fascinating and startling crimes that have occurred in America’s West Coast’s tiniest city.

Beautiful City, Harsh Facts

The Life of George Weyerhaeuser

The Weyerhaeuser was a lumber-producing family with a long history of prosperity. George, their kid, went to school in Tacoma, but he vanished one day on his way home from school. The family was concerned, especially after receiving a letter demanding $200,000 in ransom later that day. The money had to be in unmarked banknotes and delivered within five days, otherwise, George’s parents were in for a rude awakening.

George Weyerhaeuser's Story

Demands of the Kidnapper

The ransom note stated that the parents had to interact with the kidnappers by placing ads in the personals section of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, one of the local newspapers. The parents were also instructed that the father would have to check into the Ambassador Hotel in Seattle under a fictitious name while waiting for further instructions or communications from the kidnappers. If they wanted their son to live, they had no choice.

The Kidnapper's Demands

Getting Him Back at Long Last

George’s father was contacted by the kidnappers a few days later, and he was informed that he needed to travel along Highway 99, then pull over and exit his car reverse, with the ransom money still inside. His son George was immediately released by the kidnappers once he accomplished this. While he was overjoyed to see his kid again, the family’s pain was clearly too severe, and they turned to the police for assistance in apprehending the offenders.

Finally Getting Him Back

Locating Them

The case was taken up by local officials and the FBI. They determined to track down the criminals in any way they could, and one of the methods they tried was to use the serial numbers on the ransom money that George’s father had paid them. This worked, and the individuals who kidnapped George and held him for ransom were apprehended.

Finding Them

Who Were These Strangers in the First Place?

The kidnappers turned out to be two young men, William Dainard and Harmon Waley, along with one of their wives. They’d met in prison in the Idaho State Penitentiary. They were finally sentenced to a total of 135 years in jail, and George overcame the trauma of his ordeal to become the chairman of the board of directors of his family’s lumber firm.

Who Were These Guys?

A Brutal Reality

These types of events are all too common in the United States, which is an unpleasant and brutal truth. Unfortunately, statistics from 2018 show that 734,630 persons in the United States have reported attempted, threatened, or completed acts of sexual assault against them. Someone in the United States is a victim of this type of assault every 73 seconds on average.

A Harsh Reality

Young People Are More At Risk

The truth is that many of these assaults take place against children. In reality, children and young adults between the ages of 12 and 34 are at the most dangerous, with victims in that age bracket accounting for more than 60% of all cases.

Young People Are At A Higher Risk

Women Have Been Singled Out

As the statistics show, women are more likely to be assaulted than men. One in every six American women has been the victim of a sexual assault, either attempted or accomplished. 17.7 million women have been sexually assaulted since 1998. However, this does not rule out the possibility that men and boys are also victims.

Young Woman Walking Alone On The Streets At Night

Boys And Men

Just because women are more likely to be the victims of these types of assaults does not mean that men are immune to them. 3 percent of all males in the United States have been sexually assaulted, or one out of every 33.

Men And Boys 

Effects in the Long Run

The truth is that victims of these types of attacks frequently suffer long-term consequences as a result of their ordeals. PTSD, high rates of planned and/or attempted suicide, significant anguish, and a higher likelihood of using illicit substances as a coping mechanism are among them.

Long Term Effects

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