Asphyxiation due to position after their infant boy died while napping in a car seat; his parents have warned others.

“When a car seat is installed in a vehicle’s base, the baby’s head is tilted back, and their airway remains open. A child’s head might tilt forward in a car seat on the floor, shutting off airflow to their lungs,” Rachel explained. “This is what happened to Anders,” says the narrator. My healthy, thriving little boy died of suffocation.”

After years of hoping, praying, and dealing with infertility, Ryne and Rachel Jungling were blessed with twins, whom they called Linnea and Anders.

Anders died in a preventable tragedy just over a year later, when he was left napping in a car seat while at daycare and succumbed to positional asphyxiation. The Junglings are now sharing their experience in the hopes of preventing other families from suffering the same fate.

Rachel carried her twins inside in their car seats as she dropped them off with their daycare provider on a snowy January morning. Rachel discovered that holding Linnea and Anders in their seats made the travel across the snow-covered driveway much easier to manage, as she didn’t want to have to take them in one at a time.

Rachel said, “I assumed Anders was next.” She added that the daycare provider had always removed both of the babies’ car seats.

Rachel got a call at work a few hours later — she and Ryne were both teachers at the time, and the school day had just begun — it was a police officer on the other end of the line. He stated something occurred to Anders at daycare and inquired whether Rachel was sitting down, but he didn’t go into detail.

“Bye, Buddy!” exclaims the narrator. Rachel remembered saying to Anders, who grinned sleepily back at her from his car seat. Nearby, Linnea, who was much more awake, was already out of her seat.

After thinking over the circumstances, Ryne claimed that they realized that “God is the only author of life.” Anders’ death, Rachel added, taught them that lesson more than anything else.

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