At 715 pounds, the world’s heaviest adolescent undergoes life-changing weight loss surgery

Unfortunately, ignoring one’s body’s state in some tragic instances is impossible, especially when it is so apparent.

When Jacob Miller was born, he was a big baby, and he stayed that way throughout his youth. At the age of 15, Jacob was the world’s heaviest adolescent in desperate need of assistance. His 715-pound weight was not only out of proportion to his 6’55” height, but it was also causing the usual slew of health issues that come with being overweight.

His parents were concerned, so they took him to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to get answers. Unfortunately, the Millers’ questions were not answered by the doctors on the spot. Gastric bypass surgery, on the other hand, was a radical option.

According to pediatric surgeon Dr. Tom Inge, the human body was not built to hold so much weight. The immediate goal was to control Jacob’s illness as much as possible until more research could uncover a treatment.
The surgery sounded terrible, but Jacob’s parents decided to go forward with it because it was in his best interests. Jacob agreed to the treatment and followed the doctor’s directions to the letter, hoping to be as normal as possible.

He successfully lost 77 pounds by following a specified diet as closely as possible — and this was before the procedure! He has lost a significant amount of weight since the treatment six months ago, lowering two to five sizes!
Even though the post-surgery diet, restrictions, and conditions were challenging to work with and follow, Jacob found it considerably more manageable than the pre-surgery treatments.

Furthermore, the gains in his health and body are so evident that they continue to motivate him. Hopefully, a remedy for Jacob’s disease will be discovered one day, and he will be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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