At Talladega, a NASCAR crowd screams “F–k Joe Biden,” but an NBC reporter hears something else

On Saturday, a NASCAR crowd at Talladega Superspeedway chanted “F–k Joe Biden,” but an NBC reporter believes she overheard something more innocent.

According to Fox News, NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing driver Brandon Brown after he won his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race at the historic Alabama circuit when the fans behind them began chanting.

According to a Twitter post following the race, Stavast said to Brown, “As you can hear the chants from the audience.” “All right, Brandon, let’s go.”

The crowd was obviously expressing their dissatisfaction with the president, chanting “F–k Joe Biden” throughout the video.

Red-faced According to Fox, NASCAR officials initially released the interview on Twitter but then removed it without offering an explanation.

The anti-Biden chant was the latest in a string of public protests against the first-term president, which included appearances at college football games, a boxing event, and even the Ryder Cup golf competition in southern red states.

Biden has recently been under fire for his abrupt pullout from Afghanistan and the escalating immigrant issue at the US-Mexico border.

John Amis/AP

Brown was unfazed on Saturday, calling his Talladega triumph “a dream come true” and thanking his father.

He exclaimed, “Dad, we did it!” “Let’s go!” exclaims the narrator.

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