Authorities receive evidence regarding Brian Laundrie from Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The Post has learnt that Dog the Bounty Hunter has handed over material that he hopes may be analysed for DNA to confirm fugitive Brian Laundrie’s presence at a Florida park.

According to his publicist, Duane “Dog” Chapman, who has been attempting to validate a report concerning a recent Laundrie sighting near the Appalachian Trail, has given up some things discovered on one of the islands near Fort De Soto Park.

According to the spokesman, the bounty hunter has had an off-duty police officer integrated in his crew for the previous few days.

Dog explained, “Tracking a fugitive is a marathon, not a sprint.” “We are still looking for Brian Laundrie. The longer he is on the run, the riskier it becomes.”

Meanwhile, his daughter, Lyssa Chapman, informed The Washington Post on Sunday that she has spoken with Dennis Davis, who claims to have spoken with Laundrie on a desolate road near the Tennessee-North Carolina border on Saturday morning. / SplashNews

According to the most recent sources, Dog the Bounty Hunter has turned over all of the evidence he acquired to authorities in the hopes of proving Brian Laundrie’s attendance at the Florida campsite. / SplashNews

Brian Laundrie was last seen with his family at the Fort De Soto Park Camping Area.

Brian Laundrie’s mother, Roberta Laundrie, checked into “Site 001-Waterfront” between September 6, 2021, and September 8, 2021, according to camp records. / SplashNews

Brian Laundrie has been missing since telling his parents he was going on a hike on September 14, 2021. Laundrie is the only person of interest in Gabby Petito’s murder. / SplashNews

Over the past week, the 34-year-old lady has been sifting through nearly 3,000 tips that have flowed into the 833-TELLDOG hotline.

After his 22-year-old girlfriend, Gabby Petito, was found dead in Wyoming last month, Laundrie, 23, was labelled a person of interest in the case. He is wanted on bank fraud charges.

The Laundrie family was tracked to a campsite in Fort De Soto Park, which was later corroborated by public records showing the fugitive’s mother, Roberta, checked into “Site 001-Waterfront” between September 6 and September 8, according to public records.

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