Baby Addilyn, almost abused to death by her parents at 3 months old, is making great strides

Few things in this world are more heinous than harming children.

True, humans can be cruel at times, and as a species, we have demonstrated our capacity for horror, but in my opinion, there is a particular rung in hell reserved for those who harm or harass children.

Unfortunately, it occurs far too frequently. Every day, parents in one world are brought to court for crimes against their children.

One such couple is Brooklyn Tidwell and Michael Fisher. According to sources, they nearly killed their daughter Addilyn, who was less than three months old.

Following the incident, Fisher was found guilty of attempted murder and severe child abuse and was sentenced to 50 years in jail. Meanwhile, Tidwell pleaded guilty to child abuse and was sentenced to probation. She is prohibited from having any contact with Addilyn in the future as part of her punishment.

We don’t need to detail how painfully unfair this occurrence is. Addilyn was a newborn baby, a completely innocent soul, when she was subjected to horrendous torture by those supposed to love and protect her.

After being removed from Fisher and Tidwell’s care, Terra Woodward, Addilyn’s great aunt, took her in. She promised never to leave her side.

Terra wasn’t the only one who pledged to make Addilyn’s life as pleasant as possible. Trevor Woodward, Terra’s husband, is also active in her care. They’ve become her adoptive parents as a couple.

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Doctors warned the couple that Addilyn would be troubled for the rest of her life due to the trauma she had received. They even said the girl could be unable to move on her own.

But this small fighter is built of stern stuff.

According to accounts, Addilyn has fought her way through the ordeal. Not only has she shown that she can move and express emotions, but it is now believed that her impaired eyesight will heal completely.

Furthermore, Addilyn’s community has rallied around her, as have strangers expressed their unwavering support for her path.

Addilyn’s incredible resilience has maybe never been better demonstrated than on her first birthday, yet she appears to be making new gains with each passing month.

I’ll never understand how anyone can harm a child, their flesh and blood. We can only hope that those who commit such heinous atrocities receive the severe punishment they so clearly deserve.

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