Baby for sale only for $3,900

The mother was told that the infant might be exposed to a risky environment, but she ignored the warning.

A cruel 25-year-old mother was more than eager to sell her baby girl to fund a new pair of boots for her wardrobe.

The youngster, who was only a week old, was the subject of a black market advertisement in Russia. According to The Sun, Luiza Gadzhieva was looking for adoptive parents days after her kid was born.

Luiza, 25, began receiving messages after posting an advertisement for her daughter for sale. One potential buyer said they would pay a little more than $3900 (£3,000) for the tiny one-week-old baby. And Luiza eagerly accepted their offer.

Luiza, a mother of three other children, accepted the offer and made arrangements to give her infant to the buyers. The mother claimed she would be in a coffee shop in the city with “mercenary objectives” and would make the trade with the buyers. But it wasn’t until she arrived that she realized who she had been seeking to do business with.

According to Mirror, the possible buyers she tried to negotiate a deal with were law enforcement investigators posing as buyers in a sting operation.

The magnitude of the mother’s cruel dismissiveness towards the child was disclosed in local media reports, which indicated that Luiza had spoken to her sister about a new pair of boots she had her eye on. After the baby was sold, she would purchase the footwear after exchanging her baby for it.

Luiza was contacted by Alternativa, an anti-slavery organization, while she tried to make a trade on the black market. Members of the group attempted to persuade the young mother not to proceed. They tried to persuade Luiza that selling her baby daughter would put her in a dangerous setting, but she was unconvinced.

According to the group, “We tried everything we could to persuade her that the youngster was in for a poor, dangerous situation. We informed her that the baby might be taken by gypsies, but she seemed unconcerned about what would happen to her daughter.”

Luiza told one of the possible purchasers that she wanted to buy a house and would pay the deposit with cash.

Luiza reportedly advised one buyer, “Don’t say ‘to sell,’ it sounds unpleasant.” “You can judge me, but I’m not capable of [coping].”

“The height of cynicism was her correspondence with her sister, who knew everything, and in which the child’s mother discussed what boots she would buy for herself after selling the baby,” the group Alternativa continued, revealing that the mother had no interest or concern about her baby possibly falling into the hands of criminals.

“It’s unclear what would have happened to this child,” said an Alternativa representative. Luiza was apprehended before the child could reach the wrong hands, which was fortunate for the child.

Luiza created a receipt and handed over her infant girl after receiving the money while at a coffee shop in Moscow with her daughter. However, she was quickly apprehended by law enforcement agents, who interrogated her about the sale before guaranteeing the baby’s safety.

The Russian Investigative Committee said, “She gave the child over to the customer after receiving the money and writing a receipt. The woman pleaded guilty to all charges and was charged during the interrogation. The child’s life is currently not in danger. The criminal probe is still ongoing.”

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