Baby suffers brain bleed at daycare – distressed parents suspect owner

When we leave our young children in the care of others, we frequently experience anxiety as parents. It’s often unsaid, just a quiet fear in the back of your mind that you know isn’t supported by any meaningful data.

After all, when we leave our baby with someone, we usually do it because we trust them, or at least enough to expect nothing unpleasant to happen.

We do this a lot with nannies and childcare centres, where we put our trust in strangers because they’re trustworthy in an ideal world.

Unfortunately, as the parents of little Glen Braun discovered in 2019, this isn’t always the case. Braun, who was six months old at the time, was in horrible shape when his mother, Sarah, picked him up. The boy had been vomiting and had a red mark on his face. He’d had a brain bleed, according to subsequent CT scans.

Sarah Braun claims that he was OK when they put her son off at the institution in the morning. Everything had changed by the time they picked him up.

Sarah explained, “The daycare lady was carrying Glen, and my son had puke all over him, and she said he had been throwing up.”

When Glen returned home, Brett sensed something was amiss.

He explained, “The daycare lady was carrying Glen, and my son had puke all over himself, and she said he had been throwing up.”

Credit: YouTube / Daily Mail

Glen’s condition continued to deteriorate throughout the evening, so his parents sought assistance. Doctors informed them in the hospital that their baby had been physically abused.

“He had a brain bleed, according to the chief C.T. They informed us that there were indicators of mistreatment. “They enlisted the help of the cops and child services,” Brett told FOX4.

“I was completely heartbroken. He’s only six months old, after all. I can’t imagine anyone ever hitting him or doing anything to him.”

Sarah addressed Katherine Konon, the daycare’s owner, but she was met with excuses.

Sarah explained, “She made excuses, stating she was out of the room and another youngster did this.”

According to sources, the owner, Konon, was later charged with aggravated violence after being arrested on a felony charge in October.

I truly don’t want to accept that someone could do this to a helpless, helpless infant. Nonetheless, the world is a terrible place, and it appears that the parents believe their son was abused.

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