Beautiful Prayer For Christmas

Dear God I don’t want
much more for Christmas.
I Just ask You to protect
my children physically,
mentally, emotionally,
spiritually, financially
and in every way.

Lord you are good and wise
I will praise you when I rise.
Lord, hear this prayer I send
Bless my family and my friends.
Lord, help my eyes to see
All the good you send to me.
Lord, help my ears to hear
Calls for help from far and near.
Lord, help my feet to go
In the way that You will show.
Lord, help my hands to do
All things loving, kind, and true.
Lord, guard me through this day
In all I do and all I say.

Teach me your ways, O Lord,
 that I may live according to
your truth! Grant me purity of
heart, so that I may honor you. 
With all my heart I will praise you,
O Lord my God. I will give glory
to your name forever. Unknown

When God says
He will give you
better than what
you have lost,
Believe Him!

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