Before passing away, a 9-year-old with cancer meets his infant sister. whispers ten phrases that make parents cry

“I want to stay, but it’s time for me to leave so that I can be her guardian angel.”

The worst news a parent could ever hear was delivered to the family of a youngster named Bailey Cooper. Their son had the disease. Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma was discovered in the beautiful boy in 2016.

His entire existence was suddenly centered around therapies and medical appointments.

Everyone wanted the best result, and for a brief period, they all got it. A short period of remission from the malignancy was experienced.

When the family learned that Bailey’s cancer had returned, everything appeared to be back to normal. Unfortunately, it necessitated extra chemotherapy sessions and trips to the hospital. Once more, the therapies appeared to be effective, and Bailey began to feel better.

Unfortunately, the devastating news was that cancer had come back and was likely to do so again in August.

Bailey’s father, Lee, stated, “[the consultant] broke the news to us.” “It was late in Stage 4, and it was awful. It was pretty combative.

Rapid cancer spread was seen. Doctors discovered tumors in Bailey’s liver, stomach, lungs, chest, and spleen. His prognosis was days or possibly weeks.

Bailey was saddened when he learned the heartbreaking news, but he was also desperate to live to see his baby sister, who was coming in a few months. Each person hoped he would live that long.

Amazingly, the young child showed he could fight. He finally got to hold his newborn sister in his arms in November. His parents even allowed him to pick Millie as her name.

According to Bailey’s mother, Rachel, “He cuddled her and did everything an older brother would do — change her, wash her, sing to her.”

Bailey’s health deteriorated following the birth of Millie.

Bailey’s parents urged him to compile a list of the presents he desired in the hopes that they would be able to spend Christmas together. The same selflessness Bailey had displayed during his battle was evident in his request for gifts for Riley, his younger brother, who he knew would appreciate them.

The extended family visited the home shortly before Christmas to say their final goodbyes. The small kid reprimanded her as Bailey’s grandmother sobbed and said she hoped she could take his place:

He said to her, “That is selfish, Nan.” “You need to take care of your grandchildren.”

When Bailey’s cancer spread to his brain, he underwent radiotherapy for five grueling days. He informed his family that it was time for him to leave at that point.

Bailey told his younger sister, “I want to stay, but it’s my time to go, to become her guardian angel.”

Bailey lost consciousness on December 22 as the illness engulfed his frail body. As he gently faded away, his family stood at his side.

Rachel recalled, “We stayed there hour by hour, watching him fade away.” We read him tales and played his favorite music for him.

On Christmas Eve, we arrived at his bedside at 11:45 a.m. We were aware that the time was short. We told him, “Bailey, it’s time to go.” Stop.’”

Bailey let out one tear at that very time. He took his last breath and died quietly.

The family’s loss of their child was traumatic and tore their hearts to pieces, but they all knew that Bailey had found peace.

We feel indifferent but also relieved that he is no longer in suffering, Lee remarked.

They now try to abide by their young son’s requests, who displayed wisdom far beyond his years.

In our most recent family gathering, he warned us: “You’re only allowed to cry for 20 minutes,” remarked Rachel. You need to look after Riley and Millie.

Although this boy’s story is devastating and tragic, people worldwide continue to be inspired by his tenacity, grit, and optimism in the face of suffering and adversity. Even while his family mourns his passing, they know that his light and legacy will endure.

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