Big Brother Sings a Heartfelt Song To His Little Brother

Mom was worried about her children’s reactions to their new baby brother, born with Down Syndrome. This priceless film dispels any fears.

Our children are taught not to pass judgment on others and treat everyone with love, regardless of their differences. One set of Arkansas parents got to experience firsthand how enormous their son’s heart is.

A young child cuddles his younger brother (who has Down syndrome) and sings him the song “10,000 Hours” in a viral video. It’s a moving scene with even more beauty hidden beneath the surface.


Nicole Powell and her husband, JJ Grieve, were thrilled when they learned they were expecting a new addition to their family.

On the other hand, the couple received devastating news during an appointment. According to scans, their baby will have a low quality of life due to health concerns. It was even suggested that they terminate the foetus.

Cabot locals, on the other hand, refused to give up hope. Grieve explained to THV11:

“They suggested we terminate the pregnancy, but I said no way.”


Their baby’s health improved in just a few weeks. Tripp, born with an extra chromosome, was eventually welcomed into the world by their parents.

Powell and Grieve have discussed Tripp’s Down syndrome with their older children. The mother of five explained to THV11 News during their interview:

“I didn’t want our boys to be ashamed of him because he’s still their little brother regardless of what he has.”

Rayce, their son, sprung to his feet with the most insightful remark. “Aren’t we all different?” Powell allegedly asked. The parents’ minds were instantly at peace, knowing that their child would be accepted.


Tripp has been a wonderful addition to their family since his birth. However, there is one pastime that Rayce enjoys doing with his brother that has captured the internet’s attention. He enjoys singing to him.

Rayce cuddles Tripp in his arms while singing “10,000 Hours,” a song by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber, in the viral video. Powell’s decision to publish the cute footage on Facebook was fortunate for us.


She included the following message as well:

“This is how Rayce and Tripp become friends. He always sings to him. This song, he claims, is about him and his brother. “I’d spend 10,000 hours and 10,000 more if that’s what it takes to learn that lovely heart of yours,” he’s singing. I may never get there, but I will give it my all, whether it takes 10,000 hours or the rest of my life.”

Powell ended her piece with a stunning statement:

“Love has no chromosomes,” Rayce replies, “and aren’t we all different?” #DownSyndrome #NothingDownAboutIt #BrotherlyLove #ProudMomma”

The video has been shared over 44,000 times on Facebook in less than a week, and it has also made headlines.

The scene has captivated viewers, who have written their love comments. Powell answered with a statement of her own:

Rayce and Tripp have been cuddle pals even in the NICU! I wish I could like and answer all of the comments!” Thank you for caring for my precious boys.”


Sometimes, the small acts of compassion and love may brighten your spirits the most. This is undoubtedly one of those tales.

The couple’s interview with THV11 News may be seen here. Congratulations on their beautiful baby girl!

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