Blessed are those who Spoil and Snuggle

Blessed are those
who Spoil and Snuggle
hug and hope PRAY
and pamper for they
shall be CALLED

You are the child of my
child, and your life is a joy
to me. I am grateful to have
you in my life. As I watch
through the generations,
I am reminded that the
bonds we form are as
everlasting as the spirit.

Grandparents are simply
amazing They have a heart of gold
and always have time for their
Grandchildren You Never outgrow the
loving arms of your Grandparents. ~unknown~
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2 thoughts on “Blessed are those who Spoil and Snuggle

  • March 5, 2020 at 4:57 pm

    Grandparents are very special. We don’t always realize that until we don’t have them any more. My heart is full of love for my grandchildren and I miss them.


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