Blessings for the New Week

Blessings for
the New Week
may Your week ahead
be filled with Blessings
of good Health, Strength,
Friendship, Kindness,
Compassion and Love.
May GOD Bless You and
Your Loved ones and
keep you Safe.. Amen
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May today be the start of
an outstanding week for
you. May you be blessed
with happiness, peace,
and delight. May your
days be filled with light,
and your nights filled with
serenity. Have a beautiful,
fulfilling week! ~unknown~

As you begin the week, i pray
for God’s blessings and
goodness upon your life. May
He give you the wisdom and
strength to deal with every
Circumstance you may Come
across today and every day Of
your life. ~unknown~
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