Boy disappears after seeing his father; four years later, his mother receives a frightening text message

A young boy who had been missing for around four years was recently found in a secret compartment concealed behind a fake wall behind a garage in an Atlanta neighborhood. Police were the ones who found him there after four years and terrible abuse, but he still didn’t want his kidnappers to go to jail.

The youngster, Gregory Jean Jr., was placed in a hidden space between the garage and the garret of the home in Jonesboro, Georgia, when he was 13 years old. The room was lined with insulation and wooden beams.

Sgt. Joanne Southerland of the Clayton County Police said:

It was a place where nobody needed to reside or be sealed off. We shouldn’t have seen anyone there where we discovered the victim.

Gregory and his younger brother saw their father living apart from his mother four years before the police discovered him.

Stated Gregory Jr.

I adore my father. I called him every day after school after he and my mother separated. He extended an Atlanta invitation to Sammy and me. Sammy was acceptable to return home, but their stepmother Samantha Joy Davis forbade me from doing the same.

Following their divorce, Lisa Smith, Gregory’s mother, and Gregory Senior, Gregory’s father, reached an informal custody agreement in which Gregory Senior agreed to pay Smith child support. The father persuaded the youngster that his mother didn’t want to see him or like him back to prevent the boy from contacting her.

It turns out that Smith never reported her son missing to the police since she is an immigrant and unfamiliar with the system.

Every day, the child was made to stay home and complete his stepmother’s household chores.

Gregory remarked:

“I had a maid’s feeling. My step-mom would hit me with a stick if even one leaf were out of place while I was cleaning the house and yard.

He attempted to tell the school counselors about the abuse he had gone through:

“When I explained what was happening at home to my school counselor, they first believed me. They paid me a home visit, but because my step-mom had hidden everything, they did not trust me. She kept the bunk I was forced to sleep on, the bucket I used for lavatory breaks, and the stick she beat me with hidden. She removed me from school and punished me for a while after that.

He was not even permitted to use the bathroom, leaving him with no alternative but to sleep outside while his stepbrothers and stepsisters slept inside in beds.

“I was forced to spend the night on a mattress in front of the garage door. I became cold since she had just offered me a thin blanket to cover me. The other youngsters slept in beds.

“She forced me to use a receptacle as a toilet. They would all keep an eye on me. It wasn’t very comfortable.

“She once embarrassed me by getting me naked and putting a diaper on me. And when my stepbrother’s buddies came around, they all made fun of me.

“She hasn’t allowed me to celebrate Christmas for the past two years because I was receiving punishment for speaking out about how he was treated at school,” he said. I prayed, I grieved, and I made an effort to wait. I promised that I would return home no matter how long it took.

The 13-year-old youngster used the Magic Jack app to connect with his mother and older siblings after four years of trying to do so unsuccessfully. He launched the app, allowing users to text one another to text his family in Florida.

The youngster’s mother immediately dialed the police, explaining what had occurred and where her son was being held.

Gregory Junior was forced by his stepmother to hide in the garage’s crawl space behind a makeshift wall, making it impossible for the police to discover him.

The child stated:

“The first time the police left, my step-mom was furious. Get him; she commanded my stepbrother. He pushed me down the stairs after punching me in the face.

Gregory instructed his mother exactly where to look and where he had to conceal the next time he spoke to her. The authorities found him right where he was hiding the next time since they knew exactly where to look!

The child stated:

When the cops found me, I was so appreciative that I kept repeating, “Thank you, thank you.”

He was thrilled to be saved, and the timing was almost ideal since it was Christmas.

He stated:

“I don’t care what anyone else gets for Christmas; being back with my family is my Christmas present,” the speaker said.

Samantha Joy Davis, the boy’s stepmother, and Gregory Jean Sr., the boy’s father, were both taken into custody by the police and charged with misfeasance for false imprisonment and abuse of children.

The boy moved on with his life without retaining any resentment toward them.

“I don’t want my dad or step-mom to serve time in prison. If her [Davis’s] family believes I locked them up, they are mistaken. I like the freedom to live as I want and let others do the same.

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