Bullies make fun of a Down syndrome cheerleader, and basketball players come to her defence

Desiree Andrews is a Lincoln Middle School cheerleader. Her responsibilities are straightforward: she cheers on the sports teams whenever they take the field. She adores her part, and when words fail her, she doesn’t mind letting her dancing and music speak for her.

Desiree is a buddy of Scooter, Chase, and Miles, and these beautiful pals are always ready to defend and shield Desiree from bullies, no matter where she is. That’s why, when they observed Desiree, one of the bullies, during a time out, they devised a strategy that was both ingenious and effective.

Scooter explained, “We looked at it for a while to be sure we saw it correctly.”

The males didn’t waste any time acting when they understood what was going on with Desiree. During the break, they hurriedly exited the bench and approached the bullies.

They stood up to the bullies face to face while everyone was watching to protect Desiree.

The bullies quickly learned their lesson. It just took little guts and a tiny gesture from the three lads to leave an indelible impression on Desiree and her grateful father, his daughter, who has such good friends at her side.

“I just wanted to let them know, as a father, how much I appreciated it,” Desiree’s father said through tears.

The fathers of the boys, on the other hand, are pretty proud of their sons. When you raise a son, you hope he would be fair and courageous in the face of injustice and misfortune, demonstrating the good characteristics you have instilled in him. You know you’re onto a winner when your father calls you a hero!


It’s inspiring to witness young people standing up to bullying in all forms, and we’re thrilled to see Desiree continuing to pursue what she loves.

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